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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Please refer to our emergency broadcast for more details.

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Today we have prepared a Best Of for you while we attend the memorial service of our dear friend Mark Riddell. We will be live in studio tomorrow with a brand new show so don't miss it.

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Carla’s business has a new menu item!  Our talking head is a real life-saver and Michael drops by to talk video games.  Also, we talk Lemon, tipping, Disney hacks… and the Heart of Rock and Roll is still beating (barely).

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Today, we debut a new game that tests our judgement. We talk about the "grey area" of funny... and someone is going through a respect transition. Should the NFL go socialist? And what does Honest Abe have in his basement?

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Today, Mike squares off with doctors and insurance and his own back.  Robb and Oscar have a date night.  We talk fine art… and Little Michael is a copy readin’ machine.  We are more divided than ever and Oscar’s dad imparts some IBM advice.

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President's Day is a time to gather and celebrate presidency. But it's also a time for Best Of shows. Enjoy!

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Mike wants Robb to be a watch guy, but why? Plus: the Ohio train derailment is more serious than people think. Then, Mike discusses his back needling. Oh yeah, and Mike leaves the show. 

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Today, Mike waxes nostalgic a bit about his youth and the ol’ factory whistle.  Our Talking Head won’t stop wining… and Oscar gets a taste of his own medicine.  Plus, a kitchen victory and some phobic flying info.  And, Jim vs. Ollie!

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Today, we say goodbye to our dear friend, Mark “Twitch” Riddell.  He passed suddenly on Sunday and we will miss him dearly.  Also, some thoughts on Valentines Day, Rihanna, The Superb Owl, and we spend some time under the weiner.

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we've prepared a post Super Bowl Best Of for you to enjoy today. And we know you'll enjoy it because it's the best. That's why we call it the Best Of TMOS.

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Today’s lesson?  Be your own advocate!  Mike has a back update and also makes an amazing YOUTUBE discovery that could really benefit him.  There’s a new magic pill that just might change you from the inside out… and Nikki Diamond breaks down the Big Game so you can WIN WIN WIN. 

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Today we're talking about the BORG phenomenon with a real Gen Zer. Plus, Super Bowl plans, Oscar is going to live for ever, and Robb gets so excited about something so stupid. Mike will be back in studio tomorrow for another great show so don't miss it!

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Today, we are joined in studio by The Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen to break down what’s going on as we prep for the SOTU.  Mike screams the praises of a TV host… and Oscar has an eventful visitation in his neighborhood.  Plus, we discuss the marvelous, passive aggression of I.C.E. and bad restaurant behavior.  It’s like, you know, like, really like good.

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Today, we debut the “Ponyboy Help Line” and discuss the man known as “5 o’clock Matt.”  Guess who’s still wearing their masks?  The answer may surprise you!  Mike wants to try a new business model that can not fail.  Robb is losing his stuff… and Mike spills the tea… mobile.

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Today, we discuss the Netflix film YOU PEOPLE and the possible reasons so many folks dislike it.  Mike’s house is experiencing the “circle of life” (and it makes a man think).  Robb loves his stuff… and it’s being taken from him.  Mike will not rent a watch.  And please… don’t let your kid visit Grubhub.

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Mike speaks candidly about his home (Florida)and some problematic issues that should bother us all.  Robb got a new toy and it will benefit YOU!  We get caught up with our intern Marco and then try to figure out why people under 30 can’t use the phone.  Plus, we want your head to talk… like a BLABBERMOUTH.

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