The Mike O'Meara Show (general)
Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.
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Your letters! Plus... the anxious side of Mike, the dark side of Robb, the cat side of Oscar... wildlife... and news you won't believe.

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Your calls on Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... a little tropical depression, 21st birthday protocols... and the psychosis of us.

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The Name Game returns! Plus... oscar is hot and busy, Mike battles the elements, pamphlets, and 1945.

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A HUGE announcement! Plus... we remember "The Greatest", we celebrate the aged Mike, Oscar needs A/C... and Cary is the whitest gal in town.

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Behind the curtain! Plus... Leon Russel, Mike hospital memories, mr. mermelstein and a bold, potable experiment.

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Mike is a weird sports fan! Plus, your letters... Chuckie the Rat... nits... and Oscar's food.

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Oscar is sleepy... Mike is bionic... and Robb is fishing! Plus: Game of Thrones Dothraki speak, gorilla talk and the piano bar.

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Bernie stops by! Plus... holiday depression, pity parties, a pirate cruise, napping, rubes... and a magical balloon animal.

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Today's Best Of TMOS has everything from haircuts to spooky tours. We hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day and appreciating the sacrifices that made this all possible.

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Holiday weight rage! Plus, kids in studio! Mike's bike! Holiday plans! RoFo Vs. Mac! BTW, hello DelMarVa! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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We love our engineers! Plus: Mike's computer, beach weather, song analysis, your letters... and Oscar's new home.

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We enjoy (most of) your calls on "Wide Open Wednesday"! Plus, Game Of Thrones... FoFo's face... Carla's idea... and the definition of "COTW".

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It's a Netherlands Tuesday with Lev and Mirjam! Plus, "Big Breakfast" BS, Mike makes a hip announcement and Bernie stops by. International fun!

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A major announcement! Plus, electrical light, sickness, swimming pools... and two great intern "tailes".

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Today we talk to "Angelo of Annandale"... plus... Mike raves out, RoFo reveals a lot and Robb & Cary analysis.

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Your letters! Plus, Mike's sickness, heat & rain, Mr. Billy Bush, and extermination fun!

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Rob & Joe join us in studio... and we get a murder confession (a la serial) on Wide Open Wednesday. Plus... the business of comedy, "The Witch", We're all rubes... and relationship updates.

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Homeowner Oscar has some issues with his fiance... plus tired Oscar is tired! Also, Larry King, new faces and armpits.

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A special Interview with Marc Fisher from The Washington Post discussing accusations that Donald Trump pretended to be his publicist during a 1991 interview.

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Today... we speak to Marc Fisher from the Washington Post about Donald Trump allegedly pretending to be his spokesman during a past interview. Plus... a new intern, a new food debacle at Oscar's mom's house and where is RoFo?

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Mike takes a trip to the drug store... Trump gets caught with his pants down... high school hyjinks... and drinking.

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Your letters! Plus... Ovie goes home... no A/C... Carla stops by... Cakes speaks... and Mac Vs. Matt.

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Your calls! Plus, our Ozzy Osbourne expert... Caps love... Prince and pills... television... and the sawbones.

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Mike is red hot! Plus, we revisit the Maze... program directors... doctors... Robb vs. the crazy lady... The Wiz and a call from Trump.

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A lovely intern surprise! Plus, Robb's bad mind... Oscar the eyewitness... Mike the shopper... and a Santana home update.

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The Metro is in crisis! Plus... be afraid! Hydration! Strahan! Oscarazzi! Have a great weekend.

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Your letters! Plus... the pain of DC travel... holiday fun... Oscar in a costume... and the tale of the shelf.

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Today... "Ted Cruz" stops by... Plus, your live phone calls, rejection, a tale of a boat and the legend of BA.

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Frankie hates his soundcheck! Plus... Oscar and his "roommate" (his mom)... Shannon and the washing machine... and deafness.

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Tired Mike vs. RLS, whiskey choices, team building, elitist dinners, and Maddy's last day.

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Our analysis of the draft, SNL, Prince, sunglasses... and The Match Game. Have a great weekend!

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Your letters! But first... a moving day pep talk... a call to Shannon... sleep trouble... and AA Hockey!

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Mike loves his printer! Plus... paranoia, pants and Kelly Ripa.

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Robb Vs. the telemarketer! Plus, we remember Ken... Facebook link etiquette... 3 milks... and Oscar's World.

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A marvelous tale of our trip to Reno many years ago... Plus: Carla returns, caps, TPGS... and some words of sympathy.

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A Prince specialty show for your weekend... we take an episode to remember the iconic performer through music and story... and let's get crazy.

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Today... Todd Moore in studio to talk about tech... and a live demo of VR! Plus... your letters! Dinosaurs! And cookies!

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Rachael is... Miss Connection! Plus... your phone calls. Aborted landings! Happy talk! Clowns! Ships! And learning. Good Stuff!

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BEEEES! Plus, Mike's new spaghetti pick, Robb at the flower festival and Philadelphia sports fans.

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Donald Trump talks to our Chinese intern! Plus... Jimmy is a good guy, caps bandwagoning, tiki bar crackers... and Mike grief trolls.

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Adrian the pot addled hump wants his own podcast! Plus: tax woes and the joy of Friday!

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Sinus pressure! Power Porsche pressure! Poor Regis... donuts for dads... and a catchphrase for Robb.

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Salad Fingers has an endorsement! Plus... brand new Jerry, Carla travels, hot dogs... and Mike swaggers.

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Late Robb preempts bernie's! Plus: living through feelings, Robb goes back to college, and Todd Moore's angry blog.

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Lack of inhibitions lead to nom noms! Plus, the Fed Ex lady, a nasty encounter, The Masters, and... Duran Duran!

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Bill O'Reilly is looking out for us! Plus, elevator nonsense... big money... our bucket list items... and Adrian talks too much.

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Carla has a crush! Plus... the complicated world of Jim Nantz, glorifying the wrong people, the squirrelly buisness of show... and a Dutch promo!

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Today... your letters! Plus... Maddie's bus evacuation, the Greaseman update... Oscar gets a gift (BOO!) and Mac is thirsty.

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Mike VS. his hairline! Plus... the story of a fine restaurant, a fine birthday, a fine bar... and Harry Carey.

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Mike is back! He has some things to say about old friends, cookies, city life, vertical housing... and his mom.

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Daaaaamn RoFo! Back at it again with the ex! Plus... guilty pleasures... Rite Aid Vs. CVS... the dust of DC and E-News!

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A call for Grease! Plus: your letters... big soda... big haircut... and Mike fits in.

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Today we are joined by the great Patton Oswalt and we discuss the importance of Garry Shandling... the difference between Conan and Letterman... movies... virtual reality... and Mike's nipples. Plus: deejay talk ups!

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You’ll never believe where Oscar volunteered in high school! Plus, eulogies… tension… insurance… fat Robb… and Jimmy & the sign.

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The modern day Easter experience! Plus: kids & screen time, food & sex, Robb & Facebook... Florida & schools... and dueling Brandos.

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Ted Cruz comes by and lets loose! Plus... Robb's priorities, Mr. Shandling, the Ol' ballgame, new climate... and Grease Bane.

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Your letters! Plus... food tips, moving and cooking... a brand new game... and thoughts on Vinyl.

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Mike is back with us today... and we have thank yous... curious George... a bad plane ride... and booze. It's as smooth as Corinthian silk.

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Today... a look inside Adrian. Also, RoFo is on the fence... Robb on campus... Oscar and the yokels... and horny John Stamos.

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Oscar faces his mother... and Robb faces the dogs. Plus, cheapness... a new album review... payphones and grey hair.

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On today's Best Of TMOS Robb goes back to school! Plus... haircut Oscar, Larry Tweeting and the Red Bull jitters. Have a great weekend everybody!

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Live Boston-DC duocast! Plus, your letters... Mike's taser tale... Rob Ford's worst day... and St. Patrick Day news!

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The Metro is closed! Plus... Joe Robinson gives us the Tom Arnold scoop, Oscar the latch-key kid, Robb the booster... and good bye CBS.

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A surprise visit from JC! Plus... the status of tech 411, Mac's habits, ailments, daylight savings... and Vinyl!

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Lovely gifts! Plus... O'Meara romance, Richard Simmons, Robb's magic dinner, DC skiing... and Lu talks real Chinese food.

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We need a mute button! Plus... the rodeo! Fun in Boston, addiction, Oscarazzi and RoFo, the peculiar flower.

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Your letters! Plus... gifts! A trip to the E.R! Reality TV! Mike sings! And a chaznabble!

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Mike VS. the unpleasant lady... Pony's life... old medicines... old McDonalds... and the UFC.

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Happy birthday Robb! Plus, Carla is bored, Mike's late window, socks and underwear... and fun with grapefruit.

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Sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease. Plus, Oscar the Gypsy... a new sound effect... Nancy Reagan... and gravity defying moisture.

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President Underwood stops by from "House Of Cards". Plus, Mike is super hot... Beluga gives a gift... SOTB... and porn is discussed.

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Your letters! Plus, Mike battles sickness and a waiter... Dean Martin and late night texts.

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Today, an exclusive interview with the Chick-Fil-a spokesperson. Plus: Mike purges... Oscar's DTI... concert news... and everyone gets a Spewak holiday.

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Mike is (NOT) happy. Plus: "a certain quality of woman"... Mike's girls... we hate cable...and Erin Andrews in court.

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Mike defines the word "great" as we continue to improve. Plus, Oscar has a HUGE announcment... the Oscars suck... and we are panicky rubes.

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Top secret recordings released! Plus: the tragedy of the jelly worms... Hotel De Cocoanut... Pedro promos... and hot Tinder action!

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Today... your letters! Plus... a brand new in-studio toy, rat meat and RoFo the jerk.

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Mr. Trump calls us on the phone (naturally). Also, Mike is agitated... spontaneous publicity... and betting against your health.

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A concern from listener Rick. Plus... insurance woes, traffic woes... parking woes! Such woe! Plus... Mr Gates and vinyl.

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Screaming pugs! Plus: Maddie Vs. Robb... talent show trouble... spotlight on "Spotlight"... surviving the 70's... and panthers!

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More balls! Plus... "don't get happy", dishwasher fun, "Vinyl" & the record industry, and "the reverse sneeze".

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Your fabulous letters (one time!). Plus... Oscar's MBA update, a gift scandal, and Robb has a new impression.

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Intern Rachel is back on the street! Plus, fireworks! Pee Wee! And... extroverted introverts.  

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The debut of a brand new character... courtesy of Pony. Plus... music searching, Grammy analysis, typos, tired Oscar and Mr. McLaughlin.

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Snow! We announce a brand new show... plus: meltdowns, auctions, and death poaching.

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Hey look! It's officer Jerky! Plus: Captain Hook, push ups, a mom update, dog fun... and remember: Mike doesn't fart a lot.

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Your letters! Plus: Mike Vs. electricity... Mike Vs. Jerky... Heroine is bad... and we meet the interns!

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MORE Broacasters Rob Maher & Joe Robinson in studio! Plus: haircut hassles, a 98 Rock update... Trivia blow out and here comes Jerky!

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Snow is DC! Plus: Poor skin maintenance... a mom update... studio improvments... trivia night... and Mr. Dick Van Patten.

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Mike can change the weather! Plus, business cliches... Dr Ben Carson lurking... Mike sees a film... and our Superbowl recaps.

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Mac Vs. the Sign! Plus... trivia night, <Mr. Maurice White, Mike walks the edge and hotel O'Meara is open!

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Your letters! Also... Mike at the doctor... Robb can't say no... Mike binging... and new music!

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Unicorn talk! Plus, Superbowl fever... modeling babies Pony Vs. cream cheese... and Julia gets yelled at.

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We are the troubleshooters! Plus, a frank talk about weight, some snowblower fallout, we are needy.

Direct download: TMOS20160202_.mp3
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So many impressions! Plus... studio improvements... a snowblower update... a banner day for little Michael... Facebook etiquette... and new church duties.

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The RoFo fall out! Plus... Mike Vs Cary... Finances... Bullets... manufactured desserts... and Florida 13's.

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Letters! We get letters! Plus: the most interns ever... extreme weather... horrible roads... and Mike at the movies.

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Abe Vigoda's last interview! Plus: fat shaming, Mike the actor, Oscar is missing out and a man throws his own prom.

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We are back! We discuss our snow survival stories, the NFL championships, Axe Body Spray, Mike's texts and Oscar's snowblower adventure!

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