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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Today, Oscar and Robb sit down and host the show.  We get a birthday recap (and a thank you) and we address the feasibility of a post-Covid Spring Break.  Mr. Woods does things “Tigers’s Way” and Robb visits the saddest place on earth.  What is Pony’s dream schedule?  Ands who is that old lady in the parking garage?

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Today we discuss "the millennial pause". Also, a one on one with the guy who put a strip club in a tent! Do you know all the secret Tinder slang? Oscar discusses a huge financial regret and we tie up a few loose ends. Plus, it's the start of "Birthday Season"!

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Today, we take a Social Studies quiz and underscore our educational prowess (?).  Robb has some thoughts about eBay and Mike sends love to listener abroad.  Oscar has Pete D. Figured out!  Mike discusses something fishy and you’ll get what you need… in 7 to 10 business days.

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Beware of big insurance, big pharma, and (mostly) big boomerang weight gain.  We dissect and give our thoughts on the new Chris Rock special and as far as offspring go?  Oscar is NOT the best of three.  Then, Robb fights the insinkarator.  Plus, we debut: THE FLIP SIDE.

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Where did Covid originate?  Why hate the Fauch-man?  Who is Little Lord Fauntleroy?  Does Robb hate his new nickname?  Who is the better bowler?  Will Mike remember socks?  What does that make-up mean?  And finally, what is your mummy’s gender?  Listen and WIN!

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Today, Robb is back to talk about his automotive incident (and why they call him "Flip Spewak").  We recap a beautiful and final goodbye to Mark Riddell and a possible goodbye to Mike's wallet.  Mike discusses travel... and thirst.  And watch out for the mystical forest spirits!

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Please refer to our emergency broadcast for more details.

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Today we have prepared a Best Of for you while we attend the memorial service of our dear friend Mark Riddell. We will be live in studio tomorrow with a brand new show so don't miss it.

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Carla’s business has a new menu item!  Our talking head is a real life-saver and Michael drops by to talk video games.  Also, we talk Lemon, tipping, Disney hacks… and the Heart of Rock and Roll is still beating (barely).

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Today, we debut a new game that tests our judgement. We talk about the "grey area" of funny... and someone is going through a respect transition. Should the NFL go socialist? And what does Honest Abe have in his basement?

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Today, Mike squares off with doctors and insurance and his own back.  Robb and Oscar have a date night.  We talk fine art… and Little Michael is a copy readin’ machine.  We are more divided than ever and Oscar’s dad imparts some IBM advice.

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President's Day is a time to gather and celebrate presidency. But it's also a time for Best Of shows. Enjoy!

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Mike wants Robb to be a watch guy, but why? Plus: the Ohio train derailment is more serious than people think. Then, Mike discusses his back needling. Oh yeah, and Mike leaves the show. 

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Today, Mike waxes nostalgic a bit about his youth and the ol’ factory whistle.  Our Talking Head won’t stop wining… and Oscar gets a taste of his own medicine.  Plus, a kitchen victory and some phobic flying info.  And, Jim vs. Ollie!

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Today, we say goodbye to our dear friend, Mark “Twitch” Riddell.  He passed suddenly on Sunday and we will miss him dearly.  Also, some thoughts on Valentines Day, Rihanna, The Superb Owl, and we spend some time under the weiner.

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we've prepared a post Super Bowl Best Of for you to enjoy today. And we know you'll enjoy it because it's the best. That's why we call it the Best Of TMOS.

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Today’s lesson?  Be your own advocate!  Mike has a back update and also makes an amazing YOUTUBE discovery that could really benefit him.  There’s a new magic pill that just might change you from the inside out… and Nikki Diamond breaks down the Big Game so you can WIN WIN WIN. 

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Today we're talking about the BORG phenomenon with a real Gen Zer. Plus, Super Bowl plans, Oscar is going to live for ever, and Robb gets so excited about something so stupid. Mike will be back in studio tomorrow for another great show so don't miss it!

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Today, we are joined in studio by The Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen to break down what’s going on as we prep for the SOTU.  Mike screams the praises of a TV host… and Oscar has an eventful visitation in his neighborhood.  Plus, we discuss the marvelous, passive aggression of I.C.E. and bad restaurant behavior.  It’s like, you know, like, really like good.

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Today, we debut the “Ponyboy Help Line” and discuss the man known as “5 o’clock Matt.”  Guess who’s still wearing their masks?  The answer may surprise you!  Mike wants to try a new business model that can not fail.  Robb is losing his stuff… and Mike spills the tea… mobile.

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Today, we discuss the Netflix film YOU PEOPLE and the possible reasons so many folks dislike it.  Mike’s house is experiencing the “circle of life” (and it makes a man think).  Robb loves his stuff… and it’s being taken from him.  Mike will not rent a watch.  And please… don’t let your kid visit Grubhub.

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Mike speaks candidly about his home (Florida)and some problematic issues that should bother us all.  Robb got a new toy and it will benefit YOU!  We get caught up with our intern Marco and then try to figure out why people under 30 can’t use the phone.  Plus, we want your head to talk… like a BLABBERMOUTH.

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Today, we are joined by motion picture critic (and friend of the show) Ty Burr to discuss his takes on the 2023 Academy Awards… and he offers some amazing insight.  Also, we teach you how to "talk good” and not sound pretentious.  Oscar gets a pushy call from the sperm bank (no ATM) and we have a talking dog.  Don’t be vile!

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This weekend’s NFL coverage is a “Tale of Two Networks”.  All cell-phone ads and stores and everything are BS.  Oscar nearly starts an inferno and we say thanks to everyone for their #TMOS3000 memories.  Carla makes a stunning realization and the wrist is doing better, but in the long run, does it really matter?

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Mike is down to one hand… but he can still scope out BIG $AVING$!  We also talk about Leopards, documents, and Nikki Diamond breaks down the NFL Weekend.  Plus, Mike tells the story of the Friendly moon… it’s a delight.

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As you know, Mr. O’Meara requires constant stimulation… which can result in an injury.  We find the Oscar nominations… unrewarding.  You, too, can be a better friend if you follow our 5 easy steps!  And here come the talking timepieces.  Tick Tock!

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Today, we observe our 3,000th episode by looking back on some of our favorite moments and taking a moment to say "thank you". Also, Oscar sucks us into watching trashy television (which we analyze) and Mike gives us a medical update. Watch out for Reggie the turkey! He's a dick. 

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Today, Mike talks about chain letters and ridiculous internet manipulation.  Oscar hits the big city!  Robb is… The Frugal Guy. The auction is a success but flag football is not.  Oscar Zooms it up and we expose:  CHILI-GATE! 

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So… when did it become OK to lie?  Mike has a theory.  Plus, there’s another reason to hate Amazon.  There is something to be said for great genes!  And, Jack Nicholson’s secret chili recipe.  Yum?

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Today, we have some fascinating weather talk with Meteorologist and Author (and Storm-Chaser!) Matthew Cappucci.  Shannon stops by to tell us how it is.  Mike talks about his new stu-stu-studio and shows a bit of naked selfishness.  And as a parent?  Robb can’t be beat.  Pass the scissors.

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Mike gets annoyed by news trailers and then gets into a five hour battle with a PlayStation 5. Plus: Shannon is a bad dinner partner and parental controls.

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We have a brand new Best Of for you today. We will be back in the studio tomorrow with a brand new show so don't miss it!

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Today, we get an update on the beta fish known as Miles.  YELLOWSTONE get the FMK treatment and Mike shares his dream vision for his new studio/mancave/garage.  Nikky Diamond breaks down the playoffs for you and we realize that “teabag is funny”.

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We found The Golden Globes… unrewarding.  Mike does a wellness check on his eldest... and our Talking Head has a lot going on.  There are many pet problems and not so many solutions.  And what did they think today would look like 100 years age?  You’ll love it… trust me!

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Today, Mike decides that he WNWA.  Oscar talks solitude… and we cover some automotive history.  There’s a new reason to hate Tuddy and moving a garage is a hassle.  Plus, a limerick!

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We are back after a positive weekend, which is nice.  We discuss the major misstep known as “Major Tuddy”… and someone is getting a new studio!  Robb takes a road trip and Oscar is the rube of rubes.  Get away from the edge!

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Mike is feeling a bit hostile… but that’s OK (perhaps being a ‘Mr. Mom” agrees with him!).  We hear the greatest dog story ever and there’s a new use for your #1.  Oscar’s NOT a rube… it was money well spent.  Robert III gets some resolution and we go viral!

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We are back for 2023 and have a lot to talk about.  How should Mike handle an overly-enthused Barista?  Why is Cary texting Oscar?  What is the new “initiative”?  What great singer is reminiscent of Mike?  Why is Oscar the rube of rubes? …and there’s a new WVU disaster.  Plus, we discuss empathy and why it’s a good thing.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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We have one last Best Of for you today and we think you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to join us live tomorrow for a brand new episode!

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It's the first Best Of for the New Year! It's packed full of great content for you to enjoy as the Holidays wind down.

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We have one last Best Of for you this year.  We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!

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Today's Best Of has tons of laughs and plenty of fun!

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We have another Best Of made just for you. Enjoy! 

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Happy day after Christmas! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday and we hope you'll enjoy today's Best of The Mike O'Meara Show.

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Part two of the Robb Radio Christmas special.

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A collection of holiday music hosted by your favorite DJ, Robb Spewak!

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Ho Ho Ho and Garry Krimble!  We observe the final show of 2022 with Oscar's travel woes, Robb's plumbing, Mike's yearly recap and Saint Nikky-las!  Plus, some old favorites return and some family stops by.  God bless us, everyone.

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Today, we chat with “The Progressive Parent”.  Mike is spending some time in a yellowed tube, and Oscar is squaring up with a gaffer.  We discuss therapeutic ways to get through the holidays with your family and we also get a holiday mini-concert… plus, some real life parenting!  Ho Ho Ho!

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Oscar flies in just for today’s show but doesn’t experience any Hawaiian turbulence.  Mike was over-booked this weekend, but still had time to toss a bear and play “Spot the Robb”.  Medicine is a racket… and Robb’s wife is playing mind games for the holidays.  See you at MILF Manor!

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Oscar joins us from Boss Angeles today… but getting there was tricky (I blame the butter).  Nikky Diamond tries to sneak into PODVILLE but has to settle for sharing his football picks (sad news for Mike).  Mike is a soccer swami!  Sound Town goes all Christmassy.  Plus, Carla takes a few moments to list her “icks” about Mike.

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Today, some love for The Great 8.  Beware of the pink streaking... and our "Talking Head" has quite a tale to tell.  Robb discusses his weird journey in 2022 and Mike has a new Christmas movie recommendation.

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Today, we discuss the “Picking Incident”.  Soccer-mania is reaching a fever-pitch.  Mike is visiting a new doctor, but Oscar is falling apart.  Plus, bad cookies are bad.  Delete those cookies!

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Today, Mike has a strong movie recommendation and a comment about empathy in today’s world.  In what do you believe?  Oscar prepares for a trip AND gives a medical lesson.  Mike’s dad was a Chrysler man!  And please leave the lava alone.  Please.

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Sometimes, watching TV with your spouse is unrewarding.  We discuss the amazing journey that our TALKING head has been on.  Mike figures out why Robb doesn’t like YELLOWSTONE as much as some people and we are all horrified by the new AI.  Plus, we reveal the secret club and Mike "is so cool”.

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Today marks the 13th Anniversary of our podcast and we have a presentation (and a brief history lesson) to celebrate.  Will Mike get another back surgery?  Is there an injection to lose weight?  Why does Robb ruin everything?  Oscar tells us about a website that’s a little bit over the line… and Nicholas Diamond (Live from LA?!) breaks down this weekend’s NFL action for ye.

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Today, we are joined by motion picture critic Ty Burr to discuss the current state of the movies, streaming, and all things entertainment.  Mike stands up for his state and Robb has some notable medical news.  Mike takes to Facebook LIVE and we may have doomed a legend to pass over to the great beyond.

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Today, we get to the bottom of some fruitcake friction.  Tie games are NO GOOD… and Mike opines on the good and the bad of soccer.  There is embarrassment at the dealership, dogs are driving cars, and let’s remember not to forget, shall we?

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Mike makes a staggering Matthew Perry revelation!  Oscar craves McGold status.  Mike squares off against his garage… and gives a Christmas surprise (but the midday gummy might have been ill-advised).  We also visit TV Corner... and in Sound Town?  You gotta hear it to believe it. 

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Mike is switching docs and is doing the “medical questionnaire dance”.  Is the crawl space haunted?  Nicky Diamond checks in from Qatar (?) and Oscar tries to stay uninvolved with parenting children that aren’t his. Plus, let’s beware of nostalgia just for nostalgia’s sake.  It’s no good, little buddy.

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Mike is sad because he has to give up a pillar.  Oscar expects more from his partner.  We are divided on BIG HATS… and you gotta watch out for big Cyber Monday deals that aren’t.  Soccer has Mike’s attention and Jay Leno emerges from the writer's room and he’s as funny as ever (!).

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The big blackout puts Oscar in full prepper mode and he gets the surprise of his life.  Mike recaps his turkey day... and it wasn't all great.  Robb and Mike spar on a movie review... and then Robb talks about a fine trip to Rock the Red (I guess).

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We hope you have a great day and a great dinner. Stay safe and we'll see you on Monday.

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Today we're giving you a super special free episode of the TMOS Bonus Show! Please enjoy it and have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!

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Mike’s whole family is in town and we get a mini-concert!  Oscar’s PaPa is home (for now) and Robb is getting his kids for the holiday.  Plus, is Soccer underwhelming?  We talk slang and our TALKING HEAD has a peculiar collection.

Direct download: TMOS20221122.mp3
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Today, we learn why Mike is the BEST dad.  Also, we get the deets on a feeding frenzy and discuss some TV done right.  Plus, we talk to Dr. Curt West about some safety concerns that could genuinely save a life.  Do not miss it.

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Today, Mike debuts a new Christmas song to start your holidays off right!  Communication is key when you car starts shaking… no lies, please.  We analyze Oscar’s eating trends (scary, really), big feet, and Nikky Diamond is in the know.  LIGHT IT UP!

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There is construction in the hizzouse, but we press on!  Watch out for scams… and he may be gone but do NOT underestimate him!  We have some YELLOWSTONE LOVE and we do a detailed breakdown of Pete Davidson’s “scorecard”.  Plus, Pony is greedy and Robb is old. 

Direct download: TMOS20221116.mp3
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Why is Oscar late… and what about his lazy swimmers?  Robb has a (badly worded) health update and we discuss hyper NFL announcers.  Plus: Little Michael hits you right in the feels.  Vultures Fly!

Direct download: TMOS20221115_.mp3
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Today, we are joined by Reed Galen (The Lincoln Project) to analyze what happened in the midterms and how we stand as a country right now.  Mike is prepping for Winslow's return and makes a "Silver Alert Error" concerning YELLOWSTONE.  And, we all agree:  we just want Dave Chappelle to be funny.  Please.

Direct download: TMOS20221114.mp3
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Today, Old Man Technology!  Beard trimming can be dicey… and we face zealous tech.  Mike’s son gives us a lesson in current affairs and Oscar makes a “donation” at the clinic.  Don’t be a jerk; check it out!

Direct download: TMOS20221110.mp3
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Mike has a new game that will make the holidays extra special!  We analyze the elections as best we can… and Mike indulges in his new favorite sponsor on the air.  Mac plays hardball and Nikki Diamond breaks it all down… and what’s with those drums?

Direct download: TMOS20221109.mp3
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Today is Election Day… and Elon is a nozzle.  We spotlight a fine new podcast and explore the world of rich corpses.  Our Talking Head has a story to tell and… do you smell dill?

Direct download: TMOS20221108.mp3
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Today we speak to four-time Emmy winner (and Mike’s crush) Michael Learned (Dahmer-Monster; The Jeffrey Dahmer Story).  Also, Mike regains his cooking status, Robb’s mom gets a weird phone call, and we talk self-soiling.  Plus, a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!  Don’t miss this one, folks.

Direct download: TMOS20221107.mp3
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…And the question on everybody’s mind:  what would you do with a billion dollars?  Winslow is at sleep-away camp and Oscar just needs to find a helmet.  HOW’S… YOUR… SUBTITLES?  We discuss passive aggression and wish all the best (?) to a certain Snyder.

Direct download: TMOS20221103.mp3
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Mike is worried about armed vigilantes at his polling place. And who wouldn't be? Also, who is destroying bathrooms, and why? Is 4K ever going to be a thing? And of course, who is Nicky Diamond's Carla of the week? Find out on today's show!

Direct download: TMOS20221102.mp3
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Today, we discuss everybody’s collective lack of maturity.  Oscar takes a notable Uber ride and finds a secret, haunted sandwich.  Robb offers an international spelling challenge, mate.  So, stop looking like a traffic cone and listen.

Direct download: TMOS20221101.mp3
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Monday is the worst day for a holiday and Mike’s Hallowe’en prep proves a bit disturbing for his son.  Oscar recco’s a new show and decides he like NASCAR.  We learn that birdie juice is a thing, Robb has some show and tell, and a rare 3-joke kicker makes an appearance.

Direct download: TMOS20221031.mp3
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IT'S A MAC ATTACK!  Also, a trip to see Chris Rock is a missed opportunity and we have something in “store” for you.  Can you spell “spectacular”?

Direct download: TMOS20221027.mp3
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Today, we have a Talking Head that has done (and is doing) some incredible work.  We also meet a new intern, Mike has “a morning”, and Oscar gives a tech lesson.  And… why does Robb hate Halloween’en so much?

Direct download: TMOS20221026.mp3
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We begin a new schedule and Oscar is late… but why?  Traffic is getting unbearable in FLA, but don’t worry… we have a new TIK-TOK Trend to distract you.  We also discuss the trouble with Ye and Mike’s son gets… THE TALK.

Direct download: TMOS20221025.mp3
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Oscar is invested.  Robb offers some red-hot Googling tips.  Mike solves an NFL problem.  We recommend a thoughtful essay and... is it possible to gain 5 pounds in a weekend?  Yes.  Yes it is.

Direct download: TMOS20221024.mp3
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Today, we pay tribute to one of the greats, by golly.  Our Talking Head offer amazing insight and Mike is battling a demon.  Also, office politics and stinky BBQ… and Canadian Dollars at par!

Direct download: TMOS20221020.mp3
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Today, we discuss “The New Florida” (the good and the bad).  Plus, a Hallowe’en fashion show, a look at past shenanigans, and a phobia quiz (you can play along!).  And, of course, Nikki Diamond gives us the NFL breakdown.  HOPPER!

Direct download: TMOS20221019.mp3
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Today, Oscar takes on an awesome responsibility (Robb does not).  Mike has a great trip up to Boston that is balanced by his return home.  Robb likes The Haunt, but not Hallowe’en.  And, we meet Liver King (he seems nice).

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Today, we feature a gripping, true life crime case that will shock you as Oscar comes to the rescue before your very eyes.  Mike is back from Boston and he has a restaurant review.  Plus, the brain surgeon needs a scalpel... and a saxophone.

Direct download: TMOS20221017.mp3
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Today we are joined by funnyman and friend of the show Adam Ferrara. Also, Oscar has a big announcement! (or does he?). Also a sizzling New Orleans update, and "Michael O'Meara's Fact of the Day'. 

Direct download: TMOS20221013.mp3
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It’s the Oscar and Robb Show… and we discuss a Pony personality trait that is unique to him… plus, who will get Matt in the divorce?  Robb and Cary celebrate their 26th… but not before they deal with the pushy chef and how Robb loves to make people feel bad.  Sexy Men!  Sexy Women!  And Nikki Diamond says GLOW MEANS YES.

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Stop boiling that water!  Who abuses the “free food” policy?  Is it a Super Hero… or a Super ZERO?  We are all becoming infants.  We take a trip to the BLUHM ROOM… and Robb has certain “urgencies”.

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Why do the mystery texts keep arriving?  We have a birthday greeting to a very special Bolivian Mama and an anniversary that wasn’t quite right.  Remember: when talking to friends, tone is everything… and when tempers flare? I guess Mercury must be in Gatorade.

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Today… Mike has some guilty feelings even though he’s proud of the way SW Florida is bouncing back.  Insurance has ALL the money!  We worry about the Captain's diet… and we have some solid TV recommendations.  Also, a trip inside the ultra-exclusive (and largely secretive) Bluhm Room.

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Mike is back and recounts what FLORIDA has been like in the aftermath of Ian.  We get to the bottom of the “Bucket Bunnies” and a we have a parrot to sing for you.  Plus, what kind of candy?  I think you know.

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Today we have late-breaking news from iii at WVU.  Is Hallowe’en excitement pre-mature… and are we on the cusp of a spooky renaissance? We target fake on-line reviews.  Robb reveals a dream outfit and… dare we say it?  CAT 2023!

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Today, Oscar and Robb stand corrected.  Oscar saves you some big time dollars and Robb looks back 20 years to the DC Sniper Crisis. A gym is joined and we wonder… do you splurge?
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Today, A full update of Hurricane Ian’s aftermath from Mike in Florida.  You can help by visiting or by texting DISASTER to 20222. You can also provide support to these organizations as well.
Support The Red Cross >>
Support World Central Kitchen >>
Support UNICEF >>
Support Salvation Army >>
Support Humane Society >>

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Today, Mike “zooms in” from Florida with weather news (and a hotel tour).  Oscar is a dog park outcast.  Robb teaches you how to be cheap.  And Pony is a good boy.  Enjoy!

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Mike checks in from Florida after his home evacuation.  Plus, is “working from home” gonna stick around… and is it a good idea?  Cary looks so good that she feels empowered to tell Robb how she REALLY feels.  And the Spewak kids are blowing glass.  “You don’t wanna miss a thing…”

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Today, we feature a MAJOR Announcement!  Plus, Mike’s house is rockin’ a new look, old people are weird, bad service can ruin a night, and Robb likes his pork belly (and hates being stood up).  Watch out for the Yacht Snobs!

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Today, we pay tribute to The Colonel and the content is extra crisp (CRISPY!). Plus, Mike gears up for EWF and puts down his governor. Nikki Diamond tells you all you need to know to be “in the know” and Oscar is the sensitive passenger. Plus… a MAJOR announcement will be made Monday! SO, let's do it to it!

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Today. We speak with comedy Kingpin David Koechner about “Anchorman", “The Office”, acting, and sobriety.  Oscar has cake questions, Mike needs a mouse (yeah), and KFC secrets are revealed.  Do you remember the 21st night of September?

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Guess who’s back?  Mike is back… and he tells us about his trip to the Bahamas (the good… the bad… and the LOUD).  Oscar (who is rude, BTW) offers some nerdy tech advice that might save you some big time cash and Robb treats the internet like an old man.  And when do we get “The Carla Cam”?

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