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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Oscar delivers some mail today (a bit late) and Robb has a moment.  Plus, they both break down their Family Feud-styled date and some automotive tales of woe.  The Korean birthday is a success, but watch out for the toilet!  And which analyst farted?

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Happy Haircut Day!  Beware of l'il Michael... he is "The Operator".  Nikky Diamond is back for week two and he is a man on the run.  Plus, killer dogs and Carla stops by to talk about the mess.  Scissors!

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Today we speak with author Mike DiVicino about his 30 year stint in jail and how he coped with three life sentences.  Cary travels and embarrasses Robb... and Oscar sends a video to the cops that may get to the "bottom" of his problem.  Please don't go to Wal-Mart after 9pm!

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Why are we focusing on the Royals when there is better news to be had?  Let’s celebrate it!  Is the bloom off of the little league rose?  Oscar has an unwelcome nighttime caller and the magic of slot machines has us spellbound.  Plus, our thoughts on the dragon show.

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Today, we look back on some of our times in New York City, both before and after 9/11.  Robb and Pony are keeping it quiet, Oscar is getting a doggie backpack, and it’s all aboard a pirate ship… AGAIN.  Robb has new gig, but it’s not on Only Fans.  Jam packed fun.  Check it out!

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Today, we remember a great lady and we honor a great man (Jimmy Cirrito). Plus, what’s the deal with Chik-Fil-A?  Nobody is paying attention to the weather… but we are paying attention to Nikky Diamond!  The Prognosticator of Pahrump is back with a new system and an early Super Bowl pick!

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Today, we are joined (in studio) by NFL Great (and podcaster!) Domonique Foxworth to discuss the return of football... and more.  We talk about guest protocols, "The Solution Sisters", toilet seats, and the lengths a man must go to get a good D/L speed.

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We are back (most of us, anyway) for our TIK-TOK TELETHON!  Mike enjoys a lovely ride with his wife, Robb tears it up in Richmond, VA, we discuss a vacation of procedures, and look out for that skunk!

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We have a special Labor Day BOTMOS for you to enjoy today, and a brand new show tomorrow!

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It's the last BOTMOS of the week but its still jam packed with fun segments. Don't miss it!

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How much should a dog cost? I don't know, but todays BOTMOS does!

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This BOTMOS is packed full of great segments and hilarious content. You'll like it. I promise.

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We're taking a little break this week to make improvements and plan for all sorts of exciting things! In the meantime, please enjoy the Best of TMOS.

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Today, an old dog learns a new trick on the drums. We have a Talking Head Part Deux, we talk Tik-Tok, opine on Jeopardy, and Mike tells a joke. Plus, the “parents breakfast” that wasn’t… and why aren’t we smarter?

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Pony is honest… Robb is sarcastic.  Our Talking Head experiences a “first”!  We also discuss walking etiquette, make-up for men, and grape drink.  Yum!

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Robb gets some news, Mike changes his voice, and we talk about the Dragon Show.  Watch out for attractive bartenders!  Mike exercises his patriotic privilege and The Maze Patrol lines are now open.

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It's a medical Thursday as Shannon goes under the knife and Robb goes in the tube.  We see rare artifacts from Oscar's childhood home and Mike is treated like a child.  Plus, the return of Oscar's Take (Oscar's Take).  Enjoy your lanyap.

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It's time to stop confusing facts with beliefs. Our Talking Head has 'Weird' obsession. We're going to get you the best airline seats, hands down! And the most sober guy discusses the most drunken drink.

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Amusement Parks do not amuse Mike.  Who wants an Orange Smash?  A new lousy fight song for a lousy franchise.  Oscar is... The Emcee!  And remember, if you drink in the car, you may overshare.

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School is starting and that’s a good thing.  We try to avoid a route to financial ruin, Robb (and his hat) take a delightful trip, everyone has seen the ELVIS movie, and all alarms are detestable.  Let’s go!

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Today, the press conference that wasn’t.  Who’s ready for some football (G-MEN!)?  Our Talking Head has the seizure of a lifetime.  Pony serves his country… and Robb’s wife is dissatisfied.  Gimme that screwdriver! 

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Mike has a special encounter at "Muscles Gym".  Oscar has given up!  Trees are exploding and Pony does his duty as a concerned citizen.  Plus, it's a great day for the vets.  Now, clean your dashboard.

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It's the "Raid on Mar-a-Lago"!  Oscar is tired of being a Tio.  Mike hits "Muscles Gym" and Robb gives a college update, despite his loss of strength.  Come on!

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Today, we talk about Sir Nick’s tearful goodbye and we discuss Tik-Tok bait.  There’s even more reasons to hate a certain mogul and breaking news happens in real time.  Plus, some Cracker Barrel love.  Create memories!

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Today, a quick look at Alex Jones (yuck).  Do you ever wonder how you are perceived?  And when do you own a car... but you don't really OWN a car?  And can you defend a real  jerk?  BTW, a hundred of them a day seems high.

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Today, we pay tribute to one of the all time greats.  Our Talking Head discusses addiction (Hi Robb!) and Oscar saves the day, no thanks to his niece.  Plus, the story of a little boy and the MRI that wasn't.  Hello to the Fruit Brute!

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Tio Oscar is hard at work as America’s favorite “Beantown Babysitter”… and Sebastian stops by to help.  Also, why can’t we PLEASE focus on things that matter?  Plus, Robb hates a certain fast food chain and has a complicated relationship with… taffy.  Pass the Snickers dust!

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Mike has joined a new gym and gets a gift (?) from Carla to celebrate.  Oscar is taking a trip, but how fun will it be?  There is an old-timey radio reunion and family dynamics are explored.  And remember, Jennifer Garner can do no wrong.

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Mike makes a bold weather prediction so… WATCH OUT!  Our thoughts on “The Gray Man” and we remind you to remember that cats are evil.  Ponies swim, knees hurt, and make sure you check with your intimacy coach.  Shame on you, Tommy Lee!

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Mike has a thoughtful message to his bank.  Then, our Talking Head make futuristic art and modern money!  Oscar’s mama has some trouble with bandits and it’s all because of… THE BAD LUCK CAKE!  No more kiwis, please.

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Today, It’s a thrilling episode of “The Mike and Robb Show”…  and we’re feeling a bit nostalgic.  Plus, Julia takes her first trip to “The Bad Place”, we spotlight some notable birthdays, and offer hot pox info.  Pass the pickles.

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Mike has a weekend that parties like 1999… and has the scars to show for it.  Robb meets the daughter’s boyfriend and has a weekend full of Squirellllllllllls Baseball!  Plus, Mike burns those that burn him and Oscar and Mike talk lawyers.  Hooray for Flingo!

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Oscar takes the family out to see DC United play, and boy does he have a great time! Plus, a possible live show announcement and news.

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Our Talking Head talks “celebrity encounters”.  Oscar has a beef with ESPN… Mike comes out of the closet… and it’s a birthday where the gift is disappointment.  Plus, Robb’s failed restaurant idea.  I'm Moe Greene!

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It's a very special birthday!  Robb has some voice issues AND a medical update.  Good golf fun is good!  GIFT CORNER!  And no one likes a needy pup. 

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We’re back, baby!  We do a little “Name That Tune” and Mike recounts the vacation that wasn’t.  Robb finds comfort in the Bad Place… and Oscar finally takes a hike.  We chat with a young Santana and realize the best path to an “Agreeable Mike”.  Say “Yes” to the peak… IF YOU DARE!

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We hope that you've enjoyed this week's BOTMOS shows! We'll be back in the studio on Monday with plenty to discuss.

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Today's BOTMOS is packed with all the nutrition your body needs. And, it's funnier than vitamins.

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Today's Best Of was specially hand picked for freshness. We know that you'll enjoy it.

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We're on vacation this week but we have a great week of BOTMOS for you to enjoy!

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Does Covid diminish you… and what’s the difference between soreness and weakness?  We bid farewell to James Can and by the way:  How’s Your Traffic?  A few fireworks mishaps and watch out for that rooster.

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Mike decides that he needs to increase his awareness. Our Talking Head checks in from The Emerald Isle. How expensive is too expensive? And Robb hits the River and recounts the fun!

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Mike gets into it with a listener on the 4th of July.  Oscar calls his mom’s bluff… we take passive aggression and break it down, Mike is desensitized, and it’s time to light ”The Boom Sticks”.

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It's time for a 4th of July BOTMOS. We hope that you have a great Independence Day and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

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Mike has a message for his fellow Americans on the other side of the isle. Then, we discuss the world of the sneaker heads. And, what star studded sci-fi classic did Mike enjoy this week?

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Guess who turned the Covid corner?  Our talking head has a college story that will blow your mind… and Robb tells the most suburban tale EVER.  Oh, and if you see him, say “hi” to condo Bob.

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Today: a Covid update from the house of sickness... also, a foiled snack attack.  Some talk of solidarity and Oscar destroys a television.  Plus, don't accept Larry's airdrop; you may be sorry.

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Mike had a helluva weekend with unwelcome visitors (both animal and biological) least the pancakes were good.  Where is the fallout from last week?  Robb sees ELVIS (twice!) and offers his thoughts... and you're not going to believe where the crook was hiding.
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Get ready for the most cussing we’ve had in a long while!  The show spins into a sizable brouhaha… but before that? We talk about Cary’s surgery, college dollars, and a birthday update.  To be continued…?

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Our ringleader has a birthday… but he might be in trouble.  Robb FINALLY gets some health news and the rats are on the move in Georgetown.   The Snowbirds free up some Florida road-room… and we got a lobstah.  Plus, we have a Talking Head with a tale that will FASCINATE you.  We promise.

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Oscar has got the rodent trouble!  Plus, Robb is on pins and needles about his MRI, Mike goes on a Father’s Day date that spills into the second location, and Pony is back (which can go both ways).  And a TV recco you don’t wanna miss… but please, don’t clap.

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Today, we're observing the first official Juneteenth holiday! We hope that you're having a safe and fun day. We'll be back in the studio tomorrow for another great show.

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Today, a double dose of Oscar... a e-bike resolution AND his Aunt Gloria (?).  Plus, do you want a live show?  Mike has the "jelly legs" and our Talking Head talks Harleys and nudity.  FUN!

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Oscar is BACK, baby!  We talk about Mike’s newest obsession, we opine on Bitcoin, and we need to applaud cooperation.  Plus we find out… HOW HOT IS IT?

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TMOS HEALTH CHECK:  Pony still has Covid, Oscar popped another fever, Robb’s neck is shrinking, and Mike is doing fine.  We offer best wishes, condolences, and a big dose of love to the “Disney People”.  Plus, a full Paul McCartney concert recap from Robb (including audio fun).  

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Oscar and Pony are still sick (but here to talk for you) and Mike is back from “vacation”… and recaps his Disney adventure including senior moments, ride reviews, in-depth theme park analysis, and an overall portrait of “The Happiest Place on Earth”.  Buckle up for a bumpy ride.

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The Medicated Oscar is the BEST Oscar as we do a Robitussin-fueled show. Robb is conflicted about the cute Beatle. The Senate goes “show biz!”… and nobody (but NOBODY) can spell.

Direct download: TMOS20220609.mp3
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Oscar get trolled on Facebook by one of our own and regrets replying like a freshman.  Some TV recommendations you need to hear.  Sales advice to save you big dollar$… and Robb is more OCD than ever (just look in the drawer).
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Robb’s parents are still divorced, but doing great… and Oscar has a few questions about sharing a 51-year-old child after you split.   Plus, who gets which friends... and when will the e-bike return?  Enjoy your 4 day work week and listen up!

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The Robb and Oscar show is in full swing!  Oscar bemoans a few life choices, Robb and the MRI that wasn't, and Pony hates people that sully his neighborhood.  Plus, DC Football gets smaller and remember:  pigeons are great.
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It’s the Mike and Robb show… asking the questions:  "What’s in that box?”… "Why is Cary doing it again?”… “What is Jada up to?” and “Why isn’t electricity free of charge?”.  For the answers, you must ASK THE MOUSE.  Or something.

Direct download: TMOS20220602.mp3
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Mike can cook no longer!  Oscar is (literally) blending in on Cape Cod.  We have a wonderful Talking Head... and what's the deal with outdoor showers?  Please bring the chairs back and thank you.

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Mike has "Disney Anxiety"...* but his research will help him out (we hope). Little boys like to talk trash, the BBQ is a success, and Oscar made it to The Cape... but not without marital, airline, and chronological challenges.

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We hope that you are having a safe Memorial Day and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow with a brand new show.

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We feel the need for a live show… but where will it be?  Plus, a real Tennessee Talkin’ Head, Robb sings, and Oscar gets one step closer to retrieving his conveyance… and don’t miss out on Mike O’Meara’s handy driving tips!

Direct download: TMOS20220526.mp3
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Today we are joined by Lincoln Project co-founder, Reed Galen to discuss the tragedy yesterday in Uvalde, Texas.
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Ice Cream Day!  Today, we preview the new Summer flavors (most of them, anyway…) with Ben and Jerry’s Grand Poobah, Sean Greenwood.  Also, The Commanders make another “brilliant” choice… and where is Oscar’s e-Bike?  Hit the flush button and find out.

Direct download: TMOS20220524.mp3
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Monday Funday!  Robb’s daughter goes international, health updates all around, Carla has some liquid courage, and Mike ranks his fears.  Plus, a snake shows up and sticks around… despite the smell of ammonia.  Hisssssss-terical stuff.
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It’s Thursday, we’re back, and Mike is here but he’s a little… off.  But that’s great because we get to catch up with an old friend (two of them, actually) and there is a general air of goofiness, which is nice.  Also: a golf milestone, a trip to an ambivalent retailer, and we send our love to Buffalo.  DRUMS!

Direct download: TMOS20220519.mp3
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We have one more BOTMOS for you this week and we think you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to join us tomorrow for a brand new show! 
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We have a great BOTMOS for you today while we take a short break for a Podville retreat. We hope that you'll enjoy it!
Direct download: TMOS20220517.mp3
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Oscar is out of the studio, Robb is in... and Mike has a brand new one (and all he wants is an attaboy).  A new vocal similarity is discovered and we reveal a movie to avoid.  Plus, some talk of "The Stairs" that will leave you searching for your Blow Poke.

Direct download: TMOS20220516.mp3
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We have a brand new TMOS Talking Head today! Plus, Oscar is going to Florida, Murphy beds, and a "stolen" E-bike!

Direct download: TMOS20220512.mp3
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Who is the Dutch Pilot Girl? And, what's up with the Louisiana prison break? Plus, Pony's fishing addiction and advice.

Direct download: TMOS20220511.mp3
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Robb is not going to die... yet. Plus, a Netflix recommendation from Mike, a visit from Robb's liver, sodium intake, and Dr. Smack.

Direct download: TMOS20220510.mp3
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Mike gives us a Mother's Day weekend recap. Plus: Winslow ate a corn cob, Oscar spends some time in the airport lounge, and the new wine cooler is in.

Direct download: TMOS20220509.mp3
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Robb gives us detailed insight into his health situation. Plus, ER visits, news, and Mike does some lifting.
Direct download: TMOS20220505.mp3
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Oscar is live in Charleston, no thanks to modern airlines. Plus, the Dave Chappelle attack, Mike gets in trouble at a little league game, and a chill new ride service.

Direct download: TMOS20220504.mp3
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Oscar is going to Charlestown! Plus: Robb's new medicine regimen, news, and Oscar's hacking story!

Direct download: TMOS20220503.mp3
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We're talkin Godfather because we're smart! Plus: Oscar's time at the Bridgerton Ball, rambunctious squirrels, and the news.
Direct download: TMOS20220502.mp3
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Mike wants to enjoy TV but he's too distracted. Plus, Bulmer accent lessons, you've been served, and the NFL Draft.
Direct download: TMOS20220428.mp3
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Today Robb gives us an exciting update! Plus, Covid is back in the district, overrated bands, Elon buys Twitter, and online lottery.

Direct download: TMOS20220427.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:52am EDT

We're taking the day to re-organise some things. Don't worry, Robb is still alive and we will see you tomorrow!

Direct download: TMOS20220426.mp3
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Today, Mike remembers his wonderful mother. Plus: Oscar, Shannon and Pony have a wonderful work weekend. And who took a trip to the bad place?

Direct download: TMOS20220425.mp3
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We have Robb in to panel. What were the Golden Knights thinking? Plus, a Jake the Snake update, and news.

Direct download: TMOS20220421.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 10:45am EDT

Robb Spewak checks in with a health update! Plus, room scanning apps, handy guys, gaming, and dieting. Happy 4:20!
Direct download: TMOS20220420.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:02am EDT

Mike and Oscar have a discussion about tardiness and Robb. Plus, news and electric motorcycles. And, we remember the wonderful Wendy Rieger. 

Direct download: TMOS20220419.mp3
Category:Comedy -- posted at: 11:26am EDT

Mike hits the gym while Oscar has the best Easter ever! Plus, Little Michael has surpassed his father, and a country club primer. 

Direct download: TMOS20220118_.mp3
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Robb stops in for a liver update and a discussion about Oscar's new favorite, the Lectric eBikes. Plus: news, Mike is fatigued, and a flag question.

Direct download: TMOS20220414.mp3
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Today we remember the great Gilbert Gottfried. And then, we have a great with Dan O'Brien. What's his relationship status now? Find out today!

Direct download: TMOS20220413.mp3
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Robb joins us for an update and some fun. Then, we discuss calorie counts, celebrity pregnancy, Dan O'Brien, and News. Plus, is Mike going to buy Oscar's Dad's car?
Direct download: TMOS20220412.mp3
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Mike starts with his new nutritionist! But will he reveal his weight? Then, Oscar discusses an amazing new car trend, but will his papa go for it?

Direct download: TMOS20220411.mp3
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It's time for the Master's, but will it broadcast in 4K? and what's up with Mike's bizarre dreams? Plus, Robb stops in for an update and some fun!

Direct download: TMOS20220407.mp3
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Mike gets a major coaching promotion! Then, we discuss Winning Time and the behavior of the rich and famous. Plus, the boomerang effect, the 4th vaccine booster, and the Master's.

Direct download: TMOS20220406.mp3
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Robb stops in for a status update and more! Will Oscar go down to Florida to help build Mike's studio? Plus, cars that are driven by jerks, and car care.

Direct download: TMOS20220405.mp3
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Mike did the big auction and we get to hear all about it. Will Mike survive Carla's nutritionist from hell?  Then, it's brother VS brother in a kitchen remodeling battle!

Direct download: TMOS20220404.mp3
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Oscar and Mike want to take a helicopter to gamble. What's the deal with topless pools? Mike's facial routine, and of course Oscar's Take!

Direct download: TMOS20220331.mp3
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Robb Spewak is back on the air for a health update and he sheds a lot of light on his situation. Plus, we have news, sounds, and further developments on the Oscar's slap.

Direct download: TMOS20220330.mp3
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Oscar is back in the studio and we're discussing the Oscar's aftermath. But more importantly, what happened to Oscar yesterday? Where is Shannon today? Get all these answers and more on today's show!  

Direct download: TMOS20220329.mp3
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