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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.
Mike has a few questions about Starbucks… just call him “Mister Tea”.  Intrigue and mystery means Oscar has a revised schedule today, but he still talks about a wild weekend where he and Shannon paint the town.  Robb drops Robert III off at WVU but still finds some “Daddy time”.  Plus: tipping protocol in these crazy times.  Van Gogh for it!
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We take some time today to remember our great radio buddy Fez Marie Whatley and also spend a few moments memorializing The King.  Also, Mike makes a wise (but depressing decision), Michael stops by, and we've got hungry, hungry camels.

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Today, we are joined in-studio by the wickedly funny Jessica Kirson, who has an awkward entrance, but a wonderful interview (she and Mike compare notes on giving therapy to yourself).  Then, get ready for Robb's harrowing tale of the world’s longest elective surgery (that takes unpleasant to a new level).
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It's a Mike and Oscar show today! Plus, Oscar's origin story, a hotel you can eat, car talk, a visit from Shannon, and a digital disaster.

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Today we have intrigue and conflict and who's getting trolled?  Plus, a back-to-school miracle, Oscar's monstrous evolution, men thinking with the wrong head, and some amazing AI technology.

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Please stop protesting at hospitals. Plus: Robb is stressed... Cary in CO, and airport pickup strategies.
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Today we're joined by voice actor and P1, Mike Pollack! Plus: we revisit with former TMOS intern Dan O'Brian... club foot, and working for a campaign.

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Cary is getting an upgrade. Plus: People Suck... Glenn Beck sucks, but the candyman doesn't suck.

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Mike is tired of pimple poppers. Plus: skin advice from Carla... a Pony weekend, and get out of the left lane please.

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Florida is the epicenter. Plus: masking... Julia has a bombshell, and the O'Mearas have a family adventure.

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Today's TMOS Talking Head is a Coast Guard Auxiliary. Plus: Kaleb dirty D, and Who the F is it?

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Today we debut a brand new game! Plus: Dan the Fan Man... the Olympics, and vaccinations.

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We're joined today by P1 Paulie Christine! Plus: New York food advice... Oscar isn't ready for kids, and a trip to Kings Dominion.

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Little Michael competes in his first golf championship. Plus: remembering Jackie Mason... a silver alert, and the Digital Dumpster.

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Today's TMOS Talking Head is out of this world! Plus: we meet Max... Robb does tech support, and a surprise visitor stops in.

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Mike is displeased with Peacock. Plus: thankful Mike... sneaker Oscar, and Mike gets tested.

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Does Mike have a breakthrough infection? Plus: Dr. Death... TV corner, and an evening with RoFo.
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Podcast Village has a new client! Plus: Little Michael celebrates his birthday... Battery Daddy, and show & tell.

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Today's TMOS Talking Head is an education technician and super TMOS fan! Plus: short celebrities... Mike helps, and the new strip club on the block.

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There's a Britney Spears rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Plus: People Suck... Val Kilmer, and vaccines.

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Today we're talking to Frank Sinatra's former manager, Tony Oppedisano! Plus: fast food Mike... bad hair day, and a fridge update.

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Today we remember hockey great, Brian Watson. Plus: an announcement... Robb's odd cousin, and Mike after the meet & greet.

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Today we talk to the Ocean City Superintendent of Fireworks. Plus: cryptozoology... teachers, and rare games.

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Today we're being visited by our favorite Ben & Jerry's spokesman! Plus: monkey business... Florida weather, and GT Robb.
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We're back with a brand new studio! Plus: vacation recap... Robbert Jr's graduation party, and A Teacher.

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It's the day after Independence Day and hopefully everyone had a great 4th. We will be back in the studio tomorrow with tons to talk about!

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It's the big Independance Day weekend! We hope that you all have a safe 4th and keep those fingers and toes intact.

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Today's BOTMOS has plenty to enjoy so we hope that you will enjoy it plenty!

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It's another great Best Of for you today. Enjoy and we will see you next week with a brand new episode.

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The big move continues and so do the Best Ofs. Please enjoy today's offering with gusto!

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While TMOS is moving and building a better studio than ever before, we have a fresh BOTMOS for you to enjoy!

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Mike's adventure west continues! Plus: moving day... America's workforce, and Oscar's Take.

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We're getting more office space! Plus: video games... Julia is moving out, and Robb's new glasses.

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Mike checks in from the the wild west! Plus: Old Faithful... Oscar'S Take, and an uncomfortable call.

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Yellowstone needs an infrastructure upgrade. Plus: Oscar and Robb's Father's Day recap... Robb finally gets his glasses corrected, and Oscar's Take.

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It's a Father's Day TMOS! Plus: death in bug form... travel partners, and Oscar's Take.

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Mike's travel plans are making him nervous. Plus: graduation recap... two piles, and rental cars.

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Mike receives a mean letter from a total jerk. Plus: a big move... a new DC bar, and the new variants.

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We're back in action! Plus: farewell Ned Beatty... Roberts graduation party, and a possible fishing trip.

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We're joined today by former TMOS intern Adrian Garcia! Plus: egg blocks... W, and oxygen.

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We're joined today by eating contest champion Joey Chestnut! Plus: Mike's dog tapes... bragging, and hybrid baby.

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Oscar's papa is enjoying Bolivian festival season. Plus: Dirty John... STIs, and People Suck.

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Mike is preparing for his journey west! Plus: Cracker Barrel... someone bought the big fight, and sports announcers.

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We have our youngest TMOS talking head ever! Plus: probing... supersonic flight, and Pony's new hobby.

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Mike has a major announcement! Plus: wiping... Oregon Hill, and Robb is ready for his daughter to move.

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It's cicada taco day! Plus: a crime in Cacoonville... Mike's take on Jason Statham, and an etiquette question.

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Oscar has a celebrity sighting on the plane. Plus: being near power... The Mayor of Easton, and Mike's Memorial Day.

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We have a Memorial Day BOTMOS for you to enjoy today. The guys will be back in the studio tomorrow with plenty to discuss so don't miss it!

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We have prepared a special Memorial Day weekend BOTMOS for you today. Please enjoy and be safe on your way to the beach!

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Today, Doctor Bitcoin explains cryptocurrency! Plus: lenient Mike, and the food to closet pipeline.

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Oscar gets a Memorial Day snubbing. Plus: paying it forward... last minute flights, and Mike doesn't have many friends.

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It's the debut of People Suck! Plus: we need a million dollars... little Michael owns his bad day, and vaccines.

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We had a visit from a special comedian fresh out of the ground. Plus: Little Michael is in trouble... things are going back to normal, and Oscar's mom hates the cicadas.

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This week's TMOS Talking Head is a professor of packages! Plus: a frisky bee... cryptocurrency, and what Carla and Michael want.

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We have a super special visitor in the studio today! Plus: boring yogurt... Mac's new condo, and giant squirrels.

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Mike is tired of seeing guys take their shirts off. Plus: Charles Grodin... an idea for a new segment, and a cold McDonalds secret.

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Mike wants to know what's going on in the other studio. Plus: a visit from little Michael... Polish toys, and top ten SNL cast members.

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Little Michael has a new voice to debut. Plus: a herpes scam... a Dick Van Patten update, and Mike's new man crush.

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TMOS is taking a teacher work day today so we've prepared a little Best Of homework for you to enjoy!

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What's up with the gas crisis? Plus: sandpaper shaving... Dick Van Patten, and Mike loves revenge.

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Jeopardy seriously needs to pick a host already. Plus: a very special change in Ocean City... Rocket copters in the neighbor's yard, and your letters.

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It's a post Mother's Day breakdown. Plus: the Derby scandal... Mike's trip to the dessert room, and did Oscar overreact?

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This week's TMOS Talking Head is a PGA Tournament caddy and commentator! Plus: the dessert room... Mother's Day, and Oscar's Take.

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Robb is a freezer Fauci. Plus: bad college roommates... Catch Me If You Can, and Oscar's toe.

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We're joined today by cicada expert Dr. Gene Kritsky! Plus: Brood X... high meat, and Mike finds a childhood connection with art theft.

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With great fame comes great scandal. Plus: Manassas in the news... a few new picks to click, and Mortal Kombat.

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Oscar has a picture of the infamous painting in his parent's bedroom. Plus: a major award turns into a mistake and the Kentucky Derby.

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Today's TMOS Talking Head is none other than Mayor Massiello! Plus: the strange painting in Oscar's parent's bedroom... Mike doesn't like the NFL Draft pageantry, and sadly it's Maddy's last day.

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Today we're joined by our favorite baker, Duff Goldman! Plus: the Jazz apple... The Cider House Rules, and your letters.

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We're joined today by the great Adam Ferrara! Plus: post vaccine Oscar... Mike's weird nightmare, and Robb's top 10 male singers.

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Oscar spends his vacation week at Queenstown Harbor. Plus: tax time... Robb had a football tumor, and a strange painting.

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Robb goes down to Florida over the break! Plus: the Academy Awards were a disaster... vacation recaps, and vaccines.

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It's the last BOTMOS of the week. We hope that you have enjoyed them. Tune in Monday for a brand new live show!

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Come and get a heaping helping of fresh spring BOTMOS!

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Today's BOTMOS is here just for you. Please enjoy it while we enjoy a little time off.

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Today's BOTMOS was hand picked just for you. Please enjoy

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The guys may be on vacation this week but we still have a host of new BOTMOS for you to enjoy!

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This week's TMOS talking Head is an inventor! Plus: Fake Famous... Robb is upset with his new glasses, and Oscar's Take.

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Maddy is going to be leaving the show and we couldn't be more sad. Plus: the Name Game, and the Bachelor.

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Today we're joined by acrobat Nik Wallenda to discuss his new book, Facing Fear! Plus: the guys do their own top ten lists... Little Michael is engraving his guns, and Oscar misses the point.

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The guys are concerned about their sex lives. Plus: Oscar on the Peloton... Carla stops by, and Maddy comes home.

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Little Michael is a strong reader! Plus: the Masters... a vaccine delay, and Mike the champ.

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Author Tim O'Brien joins us today to recommend his favorite roadside attractions for Mike's big roadtrip. Plus: a vaccine update, and Oscar's Take.

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This week's TMOS Talking Head is in a band! Plus: Oscar's dad returns to Bolivia... Mike is getting his second shot, and Death by Sexy.

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Oscar gets a physical and assumes too much. Plus: waiting room quality... King Kong VS. Godzilla, and Robb uses his son.

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Robb has a terrible time at his optometrist. Plus: Pedro Moreno... your letters, and poetry.

Direct download: TMOS20210406.mp3
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Mike gives his thoughts on religion. Plus: Oscar's easter get together... FK Your Diet, and Gonzaga.

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We have a fascinating TMOS Talking Head for you this week! Plus: aliens... April Fools Day pranks, and live show talk.

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Today we remember G Gordon Liddy. Plus: Robb in the city... Julia has a weird idea, and Mike's pants made him sick.

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Oscar is the big birthday boy! Plus: a cake mistake... congrats to the boat floaters, and Robb asks Oscar for advice.

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Everyone's getting vaccinated! Plus: exclusive DC parties... Mike watches a family movie, and the COVID doctors speak out.

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We're joined this week by another great TMOS Talking Head! Plus: Mike has a new toy... a car quiz, and Jack Vale.

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We speak with the captain of the Ever Given. Plus: a vaccine update... Operation Varsity Blues, and the importance of college.

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Today's show starts with sleep apnea and ends with doughnuts. Plus: the DC Cherry Blossoms... Omaze, and danger.

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We discuss the shooting in Boulder. Plus: your letters... texting response times, and live show Oscar.

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Mike visits his sister in Key West! Plus: a March Madness update... life at WVU, and Oscar has an interesting encounter in DC

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Today we're joined by vaccine angel Linda Hirw. Plus: tips for getting a vaccine appointment... shoe talk, and Jennifer stops by!

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Today, Robb remembers his uncle Bruce. Plus: Battlefield 1... Irish stereotypes, and is Mike a bad father?

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Today we have Saint Patrick himself on the show! Plus: Pony's March Madness bracket, and Mike's vaccine prep.

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