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Friday! Robot bird! Plus... Labor Day plans, back to school and he is... The Handy Man.

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Letters... From Maine! Plus and eagle update, Oscar's back problems and Vegas Plans.

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Charly in Maine! Plus, Robb the jerk, road tripping, Frankie-bait and Mike Makes a choice.

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Day two of the duo-cat! Today: We apologize, talk to Cathy, debut a new impression, dissect Miley and discuss elementary teachers.

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Technology woes and Mike's trip to Maine! What road trip would be complete without aggressive driving,  breast feedings, backseat drivers, nervous breakdowns... and more breast feedings?

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Today, the return of an old friend! Plus, Robb has the best day, a list to make you feel old and Bryant. Have a great weekend!

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We get letters! Plus, movie talk, baby talk, a few exclusive gets... and Robb can not dial.

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Tesla Talk! Phone phun! KD... Again! And what have you done to his EYES?!

Today's show is brought to you by HuluPlus!

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Today: The Oscar Santana CHALLENGE! Plus, details on the "Spintacular" (?), college fun, balls... and Robb on Wegmans.

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Today, we go for the gold... Plus, hangovers, college and Arod.

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Today: Your weather, Mike's neck, Robb's skills, new criteria and a ruined moment.

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Letters... We get letters! Plus, failing vision, pretzel buns, Bolivians on rocks... and some courtesy PLEASE.

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Today... We analyze Mike, talk Hyperloop discuss lactation, and Charly!

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Today... a mighty  big announcement! Plus, misfits, Redskins and Whitey.

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Today... Meters are read, bad is broken, things are pumped and cats are fished.

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Music is the name of the game for your Friday: Josh picks, Mike misbehaves and a total kakaoke recap.

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Your correspondence. Also, Robb VS. Oscar on the roads. Mike VS. diapers, Powerball update and our night out.

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Today: Coins! A new game, fake burgers become real, karaoke plans and a thank you.

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Today: Grammar perfection! Plus Mike reunites with an old friend. Sci-fi lights, genies, Marshal Tucker and "Asses in the News".

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Monday Funday: Oscar cheats death, Mike's facial flaw, changes on Facebook and a daughter checks in.

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The return of Mr. Evans... Plus, tech talk with Todd, hangover fun, chatty Oscar and inside Robb.

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Your letters... Plus baby talk, ankle talk, SOX tawk... And Robb's favorite tape

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