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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Red hot Monday! Bedridden Mike talks Olympics... a classic film... a monster... a fish... and tribal living.

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We leave our comfort zones! Plus... Movie Corner, the barber shop and the Audio Vault blows your mind.

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Your letters! Plus... a nod to the fine arts, a first drink, some intel on Mike... and Robb sees sir Paul!

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Do you hear the self esteem alarm? Plus... your calls... dogs at Chateau Relaxo... excited Robb... and all we want is our cake!

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Funny stuff today! Intern inquisition... Mike and Viggo... life off the grid... and hypocrisy. Get yoked!

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What's up with Delta? Plus: Mike vs. his daughters... smoking in the air... gas gauges... and the hyphen.

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Gift corner! Plus... the end of Salsa, breaking drug news, Oscarazzi... and Polish dentists.

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Your letters! Plus: trouble in Rio... fun on a boat... recommended TV... and, "is Oscar hitting on me"?

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Your Calls! Plus, Mike vs. sleep... 2016 anxiety... a stye update... and bats!

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Carla is wonderful! Plus... a surprise for the wife... overrated vacations... a story of the Blues Brothers... and Charly.

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Mike visits the button jar! Plus... Ambien for Mike... a car for Robb... we talk westerns... and Kentucky news.

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Hot Metro news! Plus Mike gets some good news... a boy in skates... weed... intern update... and the killer: Jerry Lee!

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Your letters! Plus... Robb and the intern... gambling at the bad place... and a new use for cheetos.

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Today, find out what Mac is missing! Plus, a new floor...actual pug audio... pin ups... Ambien... and your calls.

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Bernie checks in! Plus: Robb vs. Zoolander... lizards... Luka... plus, Mrs. Garage and Mr.  Sparky.

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We're back! Mike debuts a new voice, Oscar graduates, Robb (might) hate the interns... and Mike's new therapist.

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Today we have prepared for you a special treat! It's The Best of the Mike O’Meara Bonus Show. It's our way of thanking you and giving you a little taste of the good stuff. And remember, the whole crew will be back in the studio on Monday so tune in for all the hot vacation story action!

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It's time for Thai! Plus... Mommy Dearest... t-shirts... debatable action and cats. Remember, we will be back live in the studio on Monday so don't miss it!

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It's the Game of Talk Ups! Plus, cereal woes, Mike and weathermen and Robb goes to Comicon.

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Rob and his magnificent orchestra! Plus... Trump bathing... letters and Spooky Steeve. It's going to be very scary. I mean it this time!

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Hot haircut action! Plus... some good old fashioned intern fun and being the celebrity you are.

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Mike is back in studio... yay! Robb is Robb... boo! Plus... a bad night... thoughts on nurses... pain... and the culture of show. 

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We are joined in studio by Fox 5 anchorman Tony Perkins! Big fun & big laughs with your letters, anime on the street, a special anniversary and pill organizers.

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Wide Open Wednesday! Plus: we love Yu... Oscar and Robb are anime haters... Adrian's Intervention... and Pokemon mania.

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Robb makes a cheese declaration! Plus... alcohol derails Oscar, Linus gives up, a new feature, and the "Fan Club".

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Pony's rib! Plus... Pokemon Go! A win for Oscar and a win for Robb... Robert III takes a ride... and a DIY update.

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An Oscar D.I.Y update! Plus... Mac the writer, fat dogs, bad songs, Aloe water and Oscarazzi.

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Oscar vs. the plaster (and his neighbors!)... summertime tips... a poem... a trip to the ballyard... and Oscarazzi.

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Your letters! Plus, a tribute from Robb... Mac the poet... wide open Wednesday... and Oscar the home improver.

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They're not your grains... they're migraines. Plus... pre-op Mike, fireworks & ice cream, parades, DC fireworks... and minor league baseball.

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Happy Independance Day everybody! Enjoy the Best Of TMOS today and we will be back in the studio tomorrow. And remember, it's a lot easier to download the show when all of your finger are still attached so stay safe out there!

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Yankee Doodle... what? Plus: car troubles, robot drivers, intern update, Oscarazzi... have a great holiday!

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Your letters! Plus... the sounds of Oscar, heat thunder at the movies, trolls... and Mike makes a discovery.

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It's a Wide Open Wednesday and we take your calls! Plus... Dude Walker on Shark Week... the Game Of Thrones season finally... magic breasts... a florida magician and a wonderful harmonica trick.

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New glasses! plus, broken door knobs, drum assembly and dogsitting have us all on edge... a phonecall promise and Julia at work.

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Jay Leno stops by to tell us he's OK... plus, Tony Robbins... Fletch... Mr. Weiner... Oscar's personality... and Robb tried to kill Mike.

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The British are leaving! Plus... an intern update... a walker for Mike... college life and a booze review!

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A thank you and your letters! Plus... fan club friction... Mike at the movies... gift fun... hip class... and a visit with Matthew McConaughey.

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Is there a birthday conspiracy? Plus... your calls, swimming on the subway, and big tooth!

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Mike Loves Facebook Live! Plus... a phone call? A dental rant! Julia's learners... and Oscar's papa.

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Oscar likes to chastise... and show dynamics. An intern analyzes us... powerwashing... and the best sports analysis EVER!

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Friday fun with a filthy mic! Plus... Oscar eats, clickbait, TV recommendations... and Oscarazzi.

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Mike sees something... and says something! Plus... your letters, Oscar at school... swimming infants... and the world is still round.

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Your calls! Plus... Mike goes live, our average listener, Mike gets advice and we all get new names.

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Today, we pull back the curtain and talk about the inner government. Plus... Robb and KD... Oscar's bad day... hateful barbers... and peculiar itching.

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We send out a positive thought... and then? The funny. Mike (the control freak) gets a massive surprise... termites... money pit... reclaimed wood... and the syringes.

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Meet the Thor Laundry System! Plus... a thank you, slippers, "Mike In The Morning"... and all about hair.

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Your letters! Plus... the anxious side of Mike, the dark side of Robb, the cat side of Oscar... wildlife... and news you won't believe.

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Your calls on Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... a little tropical depression, 21st birthday protocols... and the psychosis of us.

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The Name Game returns! Plus... oscar is hot and busy, Mike battles the elements, pamphlets, and 1945.

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A HUGE announcement! Plus... we remember "The Greatest", we celebrate the aged Mike, Oscar needs A/C... and Cary is the whitest gal in town.

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Behind the curtain! Plus... Leon Russel, Mike hospital memories, mr. mermelstein and a bold, potable experiment.

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Mike is a weird sports fan! Plus, your letters... Chuckie the Rat... nits... and Oscar's food.

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Oscar is sleepy... Mike is bionic... and Robb is fishing! Plus: Game of Thrones Dothraki speak, gorilla talk and the piano bar.

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Bernie stops by! Plus... holiday depression, pity parties, a pirate cruise, napping, rubes... and a magical balloon animal.

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Today's Best Of TMOS has everything from haircuts to spooky tours. We hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day and appreciating the sacrifices that made this all possible.

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Holiday weight rage! Plus, kids in studio! Mike's bike! Holiday plans! RoFo Vs. Mac! BTW, hello DelMarVa! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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We love our engineers! Plus: Mike's computer, beach weather, song analysis, your letters... and Oscar's new home.

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We enjoy (most of) your calls on "Wide Open Wednesday"! Plus, Game Of Thrones... FoFo's face... Carla's idea... and the definition of "COTW".

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It's a Netherlands Tuesday with Lev and Mirjam! Plus, "Big Breakfast" BS, Mike makes a hip announcement and Bernie stops by. International fun!

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A major announcement! Plus, electrical light, sickness, swimming pools... and two great intern "tailes".

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Today we talk to "Angelo of Annandale"... plus... Mike raves out, RoFo reveals a lot and Robb & Cary analysis.

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Your letters! Plus, Mike's sickness, heat & rain, Mr. Billy Bush, and extermination fun!

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Rob & Joe join us in studio... and we get a murder confession (a la serial) on Wide Open Wednesday. Plus... the business of comedy, "The Witch", We're all rubes... and relationship updates.

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Homeowner Oscar has some issues with his fiance... plus tired Oscar is tired! Also, Larry King, new faces and armpits.

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A special Interview with Marc Fisher from The Washington Post discussing accusations that Donald Trump pretended to be his publicist during a 1991 interview.

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Today... we speak to Marc Fisher from the Washington Post about Donald Trump allegedly pretending to be his spokesman during a past interview. Plus... a new intern, a new food debacle at Oscar's mom's house and where is RoFo?

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Mike takes a trip to the drug store... Trump gets caught with his pants down... high school hyjinks... and drinking.

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Your letters! Plus... Ovie goes home... no A/C... Carla stops by... Cakes speaks... and Mac Vs. Matt.

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Your calls! Plus, our Ozzy Osbourne expert... Caps love... Prince and pills... television... and the sawbones.

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Mike is red hot! Plus, we revisit the Maze... program directors... doctors... Robb vs. the crazy lady... The Wiz and a call from Trump.

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A lovely intern surprise! Plus, Robb's bad mind... Oscar the eyewitness... Mike the shopper... and a Santana home update.

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The Metro is in crisis! Plus... be afraid! Hydration! Strahan! Oscarazzi! Have a great weekend.

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Your letters! Plus... the pain of DC travel... holiday fun... Oscar in a costume... and the tale of the shelf.

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Today... "Ted Cruz" stops by... Plus, your live phone calls, rejection, a tale of a boat and the legend of BA.

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Frankie hates his soundcheck! Plus... Oscar and his "roommate" (his mom)... Shannon and the washing machine... and deafness.

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Tired Mike vs. RLS, whiskey choices, team building, elitist dinners, and Maddy's last day.

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Our analysis of the draft, SNL, Prince, sunglasses... and The Match Game. Have a great weekend!

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Your letters! But first... a moving day pep talk... a call to Shannon... sleep trouble... and AA Hockey!

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Mike loves his printer! Plus... paranoia, pants and Kelly Ripa.

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Robb Vs. the telemarketer! Plus, we remember Ken... Facebook link etiquette... 3 milks... and Oscar's World.

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A marvelous tale of our trip to Reno many years ago... Plus: Carla returns, caps, TPGS... and some words of sympathy.

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A Prince specialty show for your weekend... we take an episode to remember the iconic performer through music and story... and let's get crazy.

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Today... Todd Moore in studio to talk about tech... and a live demo of VR! Plus... your letters! Dinosaurs! And cookies!

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Rachael is... Miss Connection! Plus... your phone calls. Aborted landings! Happy talk! Clowns! Ships! And learning. Good Stuff!

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BEEEES! Plus, Mike's new spaghetti pick, Robb at the flower festival and Philadelphia sports fans.

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Donald Trump talks to our Chinese intern! Plus... Jimmy is a good guy, caps bandwagoning, tiki bar crackers... and Mike grief trolls.

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Adrian the pot addled hump wants his own podcast! Plus: tax woes and the joy of Friday!

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Sinus pressure! Power Porsche pressure! Poor Regis... donuts for dads... and a catchphrase for Robb.

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Salad Fingers has an endorsement! Plus... brand new Jerry, Carla travels, hot dogs... and Mike swaggers.

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Late Robb preempts bernie's! Plus: living through feelings, Robb goes back to college, and Todd Moore's angry blog.

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Lack of inhibitions lead to nom noms! Plus, the Fed Ex lady, a nasty encounter, The Masters, and... Duran Duran!

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Bill O'Reilly is looking out for us! Plus, elevator nonsense... big money... our bucket list items... and Adrian talks too much.

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Carla has a crush! Plus... the complicated world of Jim Nantz, glorifying the wrong people, the squirrelly buisness of show... and a Dutch promo!

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Today... your letters! Plus... Maddie's bus evacuation, the Greaseman update... Oscar gets a gift (BOO!) and Mac is thirsty.

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Mike VS. his hairline! Plus... the story of a fine restaurant, a fine birthday, a fine bar... and Harry Carey.

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Mike is back! He has some things to say about old friends, cookies, city life, vertical housing... and his mom.

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Daaaaamn RoFo! Back at it again with the ex! Plus... guilty pleasures... Rite Aid Vs. CVS... the dust of DC and E-News!

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A call for Grease! Plus: your letters... big soda... big haircut... and Mike fits in.

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