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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Happy La La La Birthday, Oscar!  Also, crazy tweeting, fickle sports and a grand April Fools tale.  Have a great weekend, kids...and see you at the State!

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Thursday with Sheen analysis, your letters, the story Blanchechat and the Bickersons play some tunes.

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Today, we meter the ugly, we suffer lottery fever, we bemoan the Crapitals...and a bit of Magic.

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Today, we get a bad case of the Krebs, we talk Mad Men and we talk to an aorta, sorta.

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A Mondee get-together...with Mike taking requests, some internet monkeyshines and the sad end to a great man.  Woo woo woo.

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Preview of The Marc & Lowell Show (March 22, 2012 - Episode 13).  Please subscribe on iTunes!

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Friday with a recap of a Thursday meltdown, exclusive court coverage, enablers and Zoolander in flight.

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Thursday, and Oscar has a brush with the law, Robb Travels back in time and we spend some time in...Buzz's world.

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Mister Cirrito comes by for a, Robb's evening, Mike's morning and we talk of Trump.

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We got the blossom fever!  Also, Mike's hands and a call out west. 

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