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Today, we have a sexy list. Also a lovely tribute, shopping with baby, SOX news and a word of warning.

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Citizen Bane! Plus, Mother-Pony, Facebook, a huge tease and what's up with Glenn Beck?

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Today, a new friend for Carla, Mike and his mom, ankle troubles... and the dungeon.

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Airport! Plus Shannon poses, baby news, the mousetrap bypass and... the magic of vinyl.

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 Your letters! Plus: Baby guilt, Oscar Vs. Mike, Oscar Vs. Vegas, the magic of Jimmy and... A race!

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Let's talk about Matt Bluhm's car. Plus: beds + dogs, huma, movies... and JC returns.

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Oyez! Today we examine Oscar's timeline tyrants of history, a goodbye to Dennis, decomposition... and a very very special debut. Don't miss this one!

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A helluva weekend! Mike is a daddy and all is well. Today: A full recap of the birth, a letter to junior... And Stox with Sox.

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An Encore Presentation for ye as we await the arrival of Baby O'Meara... Please enjoy.  We'll be back Monday with the full scoop!  Have a great weekend (and don't miss the all new Bonus Show).

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Mailbag! Plus Carla makes an appearance with a baby update and me talk movies and Chris Rock.

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Today, we talk baby and... The quiz. plus, the All Star Game, sugarless cookies and Robb+Mike VS. big company service. Waddle doodle.

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Hot weather update! The problems with Berman, Frankie's butt and trampling Rampling.

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Today... Lay King. Plus, car seat "fun", Zimmerman, wine and Robb swims in Lake Paul.

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Today: A brand new vodka. Plus, TomoX2, Cary & Robb. A birthday dinner and magical beach food. Have a great weekend!

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Mailbag! Plus baby news, pug news and Paul news.

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Mike debuts a new voice... Plus a thirsty senior trip, our baby pool, July 4th recaps and mommy.

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Today has our favorite safety inspector, Officer Meg talks ride along and squirrels... and Mike's new ride.

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We're back... Its Oscar & Carla face-off. Plus; the current state of radio, we tour our own new studio of and lots of white meat.

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Holiday fun! We have your letters,plans for the 4th, insurance woes, mall fun... And the July 4th Megamix!

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Tuesday... Oscar's World, pool fun, keeping it tight, driving with Robb... and we ask you to take a moment.

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Monday with Mike's ridealong recap, Oscar's pool tips and bold walking.

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