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Today, we count down to the fruitcake deadline... and we offer thanks. Plus, a Cost Company ethics question... beach fun... and Robb hits the Fest.

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Mike visits the cinema! Plus... nostalgia corner, Adrian closure, Oscar makes a pun, and we visit a Shack of Yaks.

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Today... an Adrian update. Plus, Mr. Diedrich Bader... Mr. Nick Diamond... bussing fun... and Robb the sports guy.

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Today, we seek closure. Plus, musical theater... romance... lenses... and Shannon pops in!

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Let's meet some interns! Plus, who is dead to us? Poor, Redskins, inlaws, a dog update... and your letters.

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Today, we start the week by being petty. Plus... beware of sports comments on social media! Oscar's inlaws! And a to the Land of Pets.

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Today, we get a live report from the Are 51 raid from Sarah Fraser. Plus, goodbye to a show, a movie revue, Oscar's Take... and a trip down memory lane.

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Resume magic! Plus... solid pics, Mr. Diamond, Georgetown wildlife... and a trip to Chuckie's!

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A "muy bueno" Yak Shack! Plus, Mike makes birthday magic... a new booze... a sexy revelation... and UFOs.

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Happy birthday Carla! Plus, your letters... a seismic football shift... rubber rings... and Florida fornicators. Get ready to laugh.

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The power of electricity! Plus, a special BOAD, football hijynx, a trip to the aquarium... and mouse urine.

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Friday the 13th! Plus... nuts, anniversary, The Bachelor, a seminar... and Oscar's Take.

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Mike VS. The Contract! Plus, red hot NFL picks... 10th wedding anniversary... Mr. Diamond... and Mr. Birney.

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Today, we take a trip to the Shack and spend some time with a Yak super-star. Plus: picking, acting, jokes.. and a trip to the Divorce Shelter.

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Today: fabulous football results! Plus, Bush is back... Mike has a morning... your letters... and a new feature.

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Pony is back... bringing with him tales of Dorian and cars. Plus Mike's weekend is... not great.We talk NFL... and a movie recommendation.

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Today, a psycho analysis of Robb... sad nostalgia... and a weird visit to the Shack of Yaks. Have a great weekend!

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Today features the return of our old friend from Nevada. Plus, the $50 challenge, daubers... and Oscar's late night adventure.

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Today, a surprise from Tio Oscar brings joy and pain. Plus, used golf clubs... TV talk... piano fun... your letters... and, a new Ewok?

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A star-studded episode as Angie Goff stops by... in addition to our "Herndon news maker of the week". Plus, good and bad weather coverage, location, and dream analysis.

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Today on a special Labor Day BOTMOS... Oscar's momma calls the show... we talk to celebrity guest Cindy Williams, a magical audio vault, and more.

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