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Today, we are joined in studio by the great #89: Santana Moss. We talk about his career, Redskins past and present, his TV provider... and NFL officiating. Plus, Mike blows it.

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Touch screen? Boo! Plus: Carla has a new project, bitter cold, a trip to the Keys... and bad good people.

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Deejay talkups! FaceTime hackery! A secret project! Your letters! Dogs know... and a documentary that will blow your mind.

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Dog talk with Santos! Plus, some behind the scenes chat, lottery fun, and it's Movie Monday!

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Today, a recommendation from Mike... and the trouble with old people. A sad goodbye... a sad goodbye... and a call to Iowa. Plus, Robb's World and Oscar's Take!

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Mr. Jimmy Cirrito joins us today to discuss his new drive through. Plus, Oscar's rook.. Pine VS. Krasinski... Mac the announcer, and bacon

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Today, we are joined by the very funny Jessica Kirson (from HBO's Crashing). Also, Mike's new favorite movie, social media health... and a visit with Bob Kraft.

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Today? Viral videos can be problematic. Plus, Oscar 2.0 with pride, deflection, and fanclub fun. Don't miss the magic of Larry!

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Today on the Best Of TMOS, we revisit Jimmie's growing pains. Plus Your letters... caffeine, and Carla wants Mike to create a will.

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Where is Oscar? The inquisition plays out on the air... Plus, Mike's son stops by, there are new friends, half-assed haircuts... and a conclusion you won't believe.

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"Just got paid"! Mike makes a sincere apology about a soggy club. Plus: candles... shutdowns... and nostalgia. Great Yippery!

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Today, Mike debuts a new mashup. We also debut a new intern. The pickening continues... there is a snow hangover... and the trilogy of failing health.

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Game show talk and hatred! Plus, your letters... ice skates... the year of Bluhm... and the holy trinity of a failing body.

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Sarah Fraser ("Hey Frase") joins us today for part two of "The Pickening". Plus: Robb's mustache evolution, merchandise, the future of calls... and a Muppet QB.

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Today, Robb's embarrassment takes a toll on him. Plus, more facial hair fun, TV recommendations, Oscar VS. marriage... and Oscar's Take.

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Today, the magic of low residue! Plus, stupid deejays, unsettling facial hair, and the return of Nicholas Diamond.

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Mike goes to the movies and shares his thoughts on "Poppins". Plus... rollercoasters and sandals, Oscar and family... and the magic of soccer.

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Today, Robb tells a fascinating (?) story of yesteryear. Plus... your letters, Mike's colon, Legoland, and the birth of an AFOL

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Welcome back... and Happy New Year! Today, the return of an old friend... Dry January... and a very drunken recap.

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It's pep talks and scary ladies on today's Best Of. We will be back, live in studio next Monday with plenty of stories to tell so don't miss it!

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Today we revisit some great letters. Plus... Patton Oswalt talking up records with us, and SNL talk.

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On today's Best Of, It's Mike VS. the receptionist! Big game fun and Robb's sleep study.

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It's the first show of 2019 and we have much in store for you. So nurse that hang over and enjoy the best of TMOS.

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