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Mike on Twitter! Oscar Vs. Robb! Soul Cycle! Old cycle! And rats as big as your head.

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Today: Dave Itzkoff, the author of the book "Robin". Plus, your calls, Russian hostels, hockey fervor... and a flood update.

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We're back from our holiday... and we have your letters! Plus... Mike in Maine, mirrored glasses, Survivor surgery, and we Name That Truck!

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It's Memorial Day and we have a great Best Of just for you! Please enjoy and remember to take a moment to appreciate what this day is all about. We will be back in studio tomorrow with plenty to discuss!

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If you're hitting the read this Memorial Day weekend, why not bring some of our favorite segments with you? That's right, it's a special Memorial Day weekend Best Of just for you!

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Caps Caps Caps! Plus... a tale of two chickens, RoFo breaks the ice... and the "Cable Guy".

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For one day, Oscar gets replaced by Sarah Fraser! We take your calls, talk controversy, discuss truck names... and Rock the Red.

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Fun in Maine! Plus, your letters... canned wine... rockin' the red... and a fun guessing game!

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Mike... live from Maine! Plus... dog maladies, big alcohol news, the Royal wedding... and "wide" screen TV.

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Hooray for the Royal Wedding! Plus, plastic surgery, a Capitals announcement, click bait, raisins... and Oscar's Take.

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Hockey fun! Plus... a new graduate, a bit of church, a visit to the 'Ria, our royal fascination... and TV picks.

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Your calls today: Featuring stock tips, Honduras... and Mr. Chad Dukes! Plus, when will Mike go to Brooklyn for pasta?

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Today, we talk to travel expert Andy Steves... he has travel tips for you; plus, your letters.

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Mike had big Playoff fun, despite the company and the size of the seats. Plus... Mommie Dearest, Mother's Day... and Mr. McGavin.

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Happy birthday Adrian! Mike is all about the hockey finals... meds for dogs... Pony's World... and Oscar's Take.

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Today, we chat with the legendary Ted Koppel. Plus, Mike's update, Mac's Annual Story Corner, and Robb is a pain in the ass.

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Today, it's the Oscar & Robb Show! Mike is back tomorrow... but today we have your calls... internet troubles... make up issues... and we Be Best.

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Rock the red! Plus... your letters! A poop update... Robb the sports fan... and what about sound bars?

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Random DJ talk ups! Plus, Andrea's love life, Dan VS. Robb, hockey fun... and mystery scat.

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Our 2000th show! We discuss a major award, argue about the "Bet", award a huge prize, debate eyebrows... and Oscar's take.

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Today, the National Biscuit Company challenge. Mac news! An analysis of Dan...and the Nine Sheet.

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Today, we entertain your calls! We analyze radio and the Handmaid's Tale. Plus: killer kangaroos!

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A salute to Mr Kastens! Plus, hockey frustrations, your letters... and Avengers!

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