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Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Today's TMOS Talking Head is none other than Mayor Massiello! Plus: the strange painting in Oscar's parent's bedroom... Mike doesn't like the NFL Draft pageantry, and sadly it's Maddy's last day.

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Today we're joined by our favorite baker, Duff Goldman! Plus: the Jazz apple... The Cider House Rules, and your letters.

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We're joined today by the great Adam Ferrara! Plus: post vaccine Oscar... Mike's weird nightmare, and Robb's top 10 male singers.

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Oscar spends his vacation week at Queenstown Harbor. Plus: tax time... Robb had a football tumor, and a strange painting.

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Robb goes down to Florida over the break! Plus: the Academy Awards were a disaster... vacation recaps, and vaccines.

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It's the last BOTMOS of the week. We hope that you have enjoyed them. Tune in Monday for a brand new live show!

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Come and get a heaping helping of fresh spring BOTMOS!

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Today's BOTMOS is here just for you. Please enjoy it while we enjoy a little time off.

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Today's BOTMOS was hand picked just for you. Please enjoy

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The guys may be on vacation this week but we still have a host of new BOTMOS for you to enjoy!

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This week's TMOS talking Head is an inventor! Plus: Fake Famous... Robb is upset with his new glasses, and Oscar's Take.

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Maddy is going to be leaving the show and we couldn't be more sad. Plus: the Name Game, and the Bachelor.

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Today we're joined by acrobat Nik Wallenda to discuss his new book, Facing Fear! Plus: the guys do their own top ten lists... Little Michael is engraving his guns, and Oscar misses the point.

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The guys are concerned about their sex lives. Plus: Oscar on the Peloton... Carla stops by, and Maddy comes home.

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Little Michael is a strong reader! Plus: the Masters... a vaccine delay, and Mike the champ.

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Author Tim O'Brien joins us today to recommend his favorite roadside attractions for Mike's big roadtrip. Plus: a vaccine update, and Oscar's Take.

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This week's TMOS Talking Head is in a band! Plus: Oscar's dad returns to Bolivia... Mike is getting his second shot, and Death by Sexy.

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Oscar gets a physical and assumes too much. Plus: waiting room quality... King Kong VS. Godzilla, and Robb uses his son.

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Robb has a terrible time at his optometrist. Plus: Pedro Moreno... your letters, and poetry.

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Mike gives his thoughts on religion. Plus: Oscar's easter get together... FK Your Diet, and Gonzaga.

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We have a fascinating TMOS Talking Head for you this week! Plus: aliens... April Fools Day pranks, and live show talk.

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