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Thursday has your letters, danger for Frankie, talk of nudity, games...and hey ad agencies!  We're on to you...

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Big time, big fun, big Wednesday...we head down to Abbey plus some Florida details, we act Roode, we discuss size and the magic of Mike's routine.

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Tuesdee!  Finally some resolution to a long standing ad controversy, Mike on Upton and the magic of Jerry.

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Icy Monday with Baltimore Billy, banging, mold, butter and MIke & Robb date (separately).

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Jam packed Friday with our exclusive weather coverage, why we're rabble, 75% of a big announcement, "bugging out", and the interns.

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Thursday bring us the Mailbag (shocker!) Renny, Ray and a Subway classification system.

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Quite a spirited one today, with $ecret Marc, lip synchery, the town of zit and and some very rare tape.

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Today, Jack Cassidy stops a full Inauguration recap, chowder destruction and the texting of Robb and Mike.

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Monday get-together has LIVE coverage of inuagural festivities (thank you, Mike!), plus Oscar tips a few and the blood on Buzz's hands.

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Friday has our weather expert, our political expert, varmints, current events...and Oscar's World.  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday fun-fest with the mailbag, Mike gets an unsettling phone call, thoughts on Manti Te'o, Inaugural plans...and talking with Marc.

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Wednesday fun for y'all with airline news, Mike at the movies, Buzz vs. the druggist and the anger of Robb.

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Rockin' we dissect the Abbey, a big road trip announcement, we discuss our bebut on WTNT and Buzz vs. the law...(again).

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Monday has our WTNT Mike is tired, we tackle addicition and globes that are golden.  

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Friday with James (?)...also a recap of yesterday's service, we set ourselves up to vote and Oscar loves Mike.

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Today has the mailbag, vultures, haircuts and the queen that cares too much.  Thank you, folks!

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Today...Gov. Barbour in studio!  Plus Buzz vs. the Lawman, Diaz on Skype, Mike's new website and Christmas propriety.

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Today...Mike is back in the living room studio with a whale of a a solemn farewell, some advice and the magic of Diaz.

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Friday fun with some love for ToMo, funeral talk, Buzz vs. Puddles and holiday hangovers.  Have a money weekend.

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Thursday with your letters, holidays recaps, Oscar vs. "The Toy" and ceramic knives.

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Today, we are back with a farewell to Cliff, a bloody newsman, FB ranting, 'skins plaudits altercation.  Happy New Year!

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