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Tuesday show has the magic of Mike announces the Denver Meet & Greet location, a Mike medical update and the sensual side of balloons.  Rowr!

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Monday stuff!  Our own brand of Olympic some motorcycle news, parents and Mike debuts a new voice!

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Two guests today as we're joined by both IRT and Shannon...Plus the heat, recycling and our fabulous hair.  Have a great weekend and I love you so much.

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Thursday fun with your letters, a Reno teaser, Spanish broadcasters and...The Candy Man does TV themes!

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Wednesday with Charly's new favorite song, a pair of celebrity deaths, movie arguing and some thoughts on Stugis.

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Tuesday!  With a lesson in conflict, Mike sees an old "friend", some thoughts on media...and brussel sprouts.

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Monday and we are back!  A bonus mailbag plus, a recap of our trip home from Maine and the story of Marc aging instantly.  Also, Oscar's rim (oh my!).

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The final day of "The Maine Event": Today we get graded by the girls, we try to understand each other (and "The Pampered Boy"), some sad mountain news.

Thanks for a great week, we are back in the Living Room Studio on Monday...Enjoy your weekend!

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"The Maine Event" continues and Day 3 kicks off at 3am as we make our way to Cadillac Mountain to be the first people in these United States to see the sunrise.  Join us on the car ride up the mountain and hear our reactions to this jaw-dropping event.

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Day two of "The Maine Event" with talk of shower frequency and hygeine issues, our electronic reliance and we grade our guest abilities.

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Tuesday action from "The Summer White House" as the gang recaps travel to Maine, an amazing meet and greet and turbo ball busting.  See you tomorrow at 10!

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Friday (Maine Eve!) and we visit Gift Corner, the laziness of Ronick, a harrowing tale of Miami and the magic of Diaz.

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Today: Robert Blake, Robb's addiction to passivity and meat with swords.  Stellar.

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With Miami Oscar, a burglary(!), the danger of the second location...and fun with translations!

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A really summer sizzler with our exclusive Tom & Katie coverage, Mike vs. the cops, some Maine talk and watch Parenting Corner spin horribly out of control.
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Monday free-for-all with Mike vs. his doctor, heatwave discussion and the trials of balancing soccer and a cat.

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Friday fun-fest with some amazing news, discussion of Flo-Rida and some Maine deets.  Have a swell weekend and whatnot. 

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Back to work Thursday as we recap the 4th, we wonder about kids today, Mike is NOT 4 and some ToMo fireworks!

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Its the 4th of July and even though the guys are off today, we want to bring you an encore presentation of what has become one of the podcast's most infamous stories!  From June 8, 2011 its the case of Marc's stolen iPad!  Happy Birthday USA!

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Tuesday (that feels like Friday) with the Governor-for-life, pet corner and a farewell to a TV legend.

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Monday action with storm center coverage, Mike does a wedding recap (sad) and Carla meets a man with large hands.

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