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Mike has been maimed... but he will "survive". Robb has a complicated relationship with A-holes... and is angered by a meme. Who, within the show, hates the show... is it Adele Dazeem? We shall see.
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Welcome back from the holiday... we hope you feel as good as we do.  The parade was horrible.  Oscar stayed sober!  Mike's family was amazing and there's a new sound in "The Town".  Dig it.

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Do you have what it takes to be a "High Quality Mate"?  Is Mike Politically Correct? (OH DAD!).  Why is Julia Spewak knitting in the studio?  These questions are answered... and more!  Today, on TMOS.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today, big fun with comedian/actor/writer/podcaster (wow!) Clayton "CT" Thomas.  Plus, gearing up for the holidays:  Mike's middle stops by, Oscar's mom is in mourning, and Robb's life is slowly falling apart.  Oh, and you won't believe why Mike isn't motivated...!
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What is Mike's stinky secret? Is Mike sick of Ryan Reynolds? Have Bond movies gotten too long? Is Dan going on a secret date? Find out today!

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Oscar and Robb (and Little Pony) have spent a LOT of money on alcohol.  Why is Dan O’Brien in such a hurry?  Britney is… talking.  Robb’s mom does not deserve a seat at the Genius Bar.  Oh, we’ve never done a show about measles, Laura...

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What makes a perfect trip to the barbershop?  Why is Mike a total rube?  What is the new name for "The Digital Dumpster"?  Why are we in deep doo-doo?  All of this, and Kylo Ren, on today's TMOS.
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Today, we bid a sad farewell to the greatest linebacker in the history of The NFL... Safe Home, #70.  Also, Mike completes his apology tour, 60 Minutes makes us sad, champagne for everyone... AND TRUST NO ONE!
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Be careful… you never know who’s listening!  Oscar’s Take (Oscar’s Take) is back, baby… and better than ever.  Michael stops by and debuts a new “skill” and we have a thrilling FIRE DRILL recap.  Oh Boy!  Also, Happy Veterans Day… if you’d like to honor our best and bravest, here is a great place to start: Thank you.
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Today, a talk of punctuality.  Our "Talking Head" helps Mike understand his crypto-nut.  Oscar is living among the robots and some good news for Julia.  Plus, you didn't know Pete was so tall... or did you?
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Today, we approach a new advertising frontier.  Mike fears for the table and Winslow meets the glass.  Oscar has a cake update and Robb is the "social guy"... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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A son returning home should be a happy occasion, right? Well. we’ll see about THAT.  Mike re-invents Thanksgiving dinnerware… Oscar re-invents the saltine… and re-inventing DEXTER ain’t so great.  Now, let’s go play with this sand.  FUN.

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Do you have what it takes to compete in THE CANDY QUIZ?  Plus, Mike shuffles his schedule and also offers some "Long Suffering Fan" analysis.  Mr. Diamond stops by and we send our support to Downeast.  BTW, beach ball is going home... Brawndo!
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Today, we ZOOM with our youngest "Head" ever.  Mike remembers Remy, Oscar has some new collectible tricks, and Robb gets an election surprise.  Plus, Clark Gable has some plans for ye.

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Today, we Zoom it up with legendary comedian, actor, and filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait (check out the video, you'll love it!).  Oscar is sad, Succession is awesome, and we play WHO THE "F" IS IT? (with ten big ways to win big!).  Who will win?  We shall see...

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A tale of two Hallowe’ens: one marvelous and one depressing.  At least Oscar has a new toy to cheer everyone up (today is a great “video day” to be sure!).  Mike is at the forefront of fashion trends and Robb offers some unexpected Beatle advice.  Who wants Funyuns?

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