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Friday features more Craigslistings, a serene studio and Oscar's cat adventures.  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday get-together with your letters, a dissection of Curry's Departure and because we love "the cute": kids & dogs!

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Wednesday!  With Stooges entertainment, we solve a global crisis and we worry about Curry.

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Tuesday, and we've got Maine deets, The Mike and Oscar Show, Clooney manlove...and Marty Robbins.

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The gang's all here and today we get a festive party recap...Miami Mike..."The Regulars" update...and Robb vs. a telemarketer.

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Friday fun with Craigslist nonsense, Marc's day and pool chatter.  Bon weekend, mes amis.

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A jam packed Thursday: Letters and gifts, Buzz and the best lemonade ever, kids...and gratuities.

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Mike O. with a surprise check in on this good looking, Buzz's phobia and Deejay Daycare.  

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Tuesday: With free stuff, men annoying women, womean annoying men and the tale of Landfill.  Face!

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Monday...and Robb returns with a vacation recap, a broken dog and a soggy sunroof..."Hope to see you there".

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Finally Fridee and we survived!  Today...Buzz returns with a touching story about his week away followed by his frustration with rude Washingtonians.  Oscar and his new bumper sticker, and Mike has started planning his Sturgis trip with ADHD Cirrito.  Have a great weekend!

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A good lookin' Thursdee!  Mike tells us about his incredible night speaking at the Harley Owners Group meeting, we're disgusted with the Sandusky trial, a new segment we like to call "Spewak's Travel Log", "Sloppy Finger's" audio vault and of course, Mike's News!

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Happy Hump Day!  An update on Oscar's back, more talk of intoxication, True Blood, movies and...Lindsy Lohan!

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Tuesdee brings us the return of the ailing Oscar Santana!  Today we discuss bad backs, ribbing Robb, the darkness of Mad Men, a new Riddler is revealed and JKC pays visits the studio.

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Mondee!  A very special edition of The Mike O'Meara Show with a 3-man combination you'd never expect!  We recap the very successful Ride for the House, Mike's sore, RJ's Queen Bike, a Menash-Audio Vault and O'Meara's news.  Enjoy...

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Its the ManGrate Grilling Show!  Mike, Buzz, Robb, Oscar and Marc compete for the title of "Best Meat" and judged by Tech 411's own, Todd Moore.  Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and a mystery meat to die for.  Yummmm...

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Today, economic hocus pocus, JLH is JLHowt, "Robb Lee Gifford"...and Charly takes a bride.

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Wednesday get together with dog sadness, mysterious kangaroos, the trouble with Ripa and the conclusion of the TV tour.

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Tuesday has fun with dialects, a new use for a dead cat and the politics of hate.

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Monday!  A tattoo?  HRS?  Oscar skiing?  Manassas fun?  And...Dawson.

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Fridee action with some lovely night Kaps, a white supremecy update and the wicked deets on Julia Dillinger.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

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