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Happy Halloween! Plus... we have guests... the problem with Mike... a visit to the costume store... and Mike is nervous.

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The Squire stops by! Plus… a rebirth of baseball fun, Oscar on the bandwagon, Halloween fun, the live show, and Oscar kind of gives a gift.

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Some detailed analysis of the industry... audio... and deejays! Plus, your letters... Nickey Diamond... and antique cereal.

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Wide. Open. Wednesday! We take some great calls, Mike has a mini-nervous breakdown... pet hatred... and half-hearted surfin.

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Mike goes shopping and finds the sweetspot! Plus, Facebook Live. A sick boy... and big amusement park.

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The Cubs win! Harry Carey stops by... plus... Robb & death & Kevin Meaney... Mike Vs. automobiles... a reunion and travel woes.

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Today... we speak to Daily Show executive producer (and nine-time Emmy award winner) Rory Albanese. Plus... Mike's muscle tone, lizards, the dry trip and Oscarazzi.

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An old friend returns! Plus... Nicky Diamond's show demo... your letters... rented models... and Oscar's big night in the city.

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Your calls... recalling a rivalry... Jen's husband... the return of autotune... a studio tour... and the Larry Show. Plus: Mike travels.

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Guess who loves Karaoke? You'll see! Plus... weather, big potty, food tests, a special guest at the improv... and where is Bob Dylan?

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Julia in studio! Also... the Ouija board weigh in... hockey fun... gutter helmets... and fire!!!

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You guys embarrassed us! Plus: Ken Bone, reunion news, meat theories, bomb scares and oscarazzi!

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Your letters! Tmos saves a life... Mike vs. Jennifer... Nicky Diamond wants a show... and are we burned out?

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Your calls do not disappoint. Plus, Salad Fingers, clowns, Cubs/Nats, rating our women... and 20 years of bliss.

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Jennifer's passion! Plus... sports passion... clothing... comedic kids... shower fun... and Ken Bone!

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Billy Bush weighs in! Plus... a major announcement! Dog habits, Sunday TV viewing... a new bed... and putting the guest at ease.

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Bill O'Reilly stops by! Plus... a bullet is dodged... go bags... Oscar's pit... Clinton pix... and Oscarazzi.

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Mike is freaked out! Plus, your letters... Nickey Diamond... and Robb the D.J.

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Your calls! Plus... Mike Vs. Mac, screen man, storm talk, tractors, Bill Dana... and how's your spelling?

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The return of Salad Fingers! Plus... is Robb gonna live? Mike and Joe... scamming the system? And vice presidential water.

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Birthday boy! Plus... Mike cries at baseball... we review our favorites... Mr. Robot... and Oscar's crumbling home.

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