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It's The Wedding Show! Plus... Gift Corner... Northern Virginia wins again... Oscar's Take... and Hanoi Jane.

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Today, "how do you feel?". Plus... goodbye to Hef, help for Puerto Rico, Nicky Diamond and thoughts on Megyn.

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A magical Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... TV fun... a snake, puppets... and Zoolander pops in.

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Mailbag fun! Plus... O'Reilly fallout... a new impression... negativity... and Arch.

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Today, we speak with Bill O'Reilly regarding his current status and new book... plus, trip magic and Oscar's Vegas recap. And ball tag.

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Today, a major band announcement! Plus... Rob Maher... Mike's tequila time... generators and a fraudulent call.

If you'll be in Las Vegas tomorrow, 09/23/17 @5pm, come hang out with Oscar Santana at the Paradise Cantina!
4480 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

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Today... a wedding bombshell! Plus: Robb's deafness, Nicky Diamond, and a good old fashioned rave out.

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Your calls... including a live report from San Juan. Plus, Oscar in Vegas, strip tips... and a big NOLA announcement.

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Mike is on the road... and has some liquid complaints. Plus, Dan the fan, Oscarazzi, and eunoia.

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Mike Checks in from on the road! Plus... Katy Tur speaks with us, Oscarazzi, soda trouble, and don't forget the hot spots.

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Today... we Stooge it up with Curly's grandson! Plus... intern role call... Catholics... Nicky Diamond and Oscar's Take.

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Your letters! Plus... Mike VS. the key... Oscar and his pup... and a metal phone pole, enjoy.

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Today... chief meteorologist Jim Farrell talks with us... plus your calls, anniversary fun... and a relative pops in!

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Happy Anniversary! Plus... Mike Vs. traffic... movie corner... and the magic of high school football.

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Mike loves the roads! Plus, Carla stops by live, breaking news, intern fun, It and hens teeth.

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Norm! Plus... squirrelly Mike, selfish Robb, hurricane news... and perverted Pony.

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Mike makes us his evacuation station. Plus... the magic of Waze, Jimmy pops in, talking up records, the mailbag... and the return of Nicky Diamond.

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A big show today as we take your calls... speak to Mike live from "Evacuation" Nation... a conversation with the great Levar Burton... and the return of Oscarazzi.

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Evacuation! Service dogs! A sex dream! Red shirts! Mike's Facebook trolling... and call the plumber!

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Happy Labor Day everybody! We will be live in studio tomorrow, but in the meantime we have a non-laborious Best Of for you to enjoy.

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It's a goofy Arch Friday! Plus, a software headache, a hearing test, whisper acting, wedding hassles... and Oscar's take.

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