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Mike's Thanksgiving festivities. Plus: Mike loves people... a very Bolivian Thanksgiving, and Robb downsizes.

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It's time for some BOTMOS leftovers. The guys will be back in studio Monday so don't miss it!

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We have a bountiful BOTMOS for you to enjoy today. Have a safe, socially distant Thanksgiving everybody!

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Who is the most dangerous member of the show? Plus: sunglass Robb... Nicky Diamond, and the mysterious monolith.

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We're reading your letters! Plus: COVID Thanksgiving plans... the Megatouch addiction is driving Mike crazy, and new words.

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It's going to be a weird Thanksgiving. Plus: Momma Santana does not use the dishwasher... make your own steak, and COVID Christmas.

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It's the big pre-Thanksgiving TMOS Cocktail party. We have injury stories... Shannon's weird school, and a harrowing kidnapping tale.

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Mike wants something for Christmas! Plus: home COVID testing... Oscar's favorite greeting, and Nicky Diamond.

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Mike and Carla used to play a very strange game in Manassas. Plus: the Butterball Turkey Talkline aftermath... a Maddy story, and Oscar at the MAGA march.

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We start today with a call to our favorite turkey hotline. Plus: Mike's old fridge and Oscar in a brand new studio.

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The fruitcake baking has begun! Plus: Mike talks booze... Franky's bad teeth, and The Masters.

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Our TMOS Talking Head this week is a a singing pilot! Plus: Robb's FaceBook OCD... hair replacement, and Oscar's Take.

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DJ Killa Mike makes his debut! Plus: Twitch checks in from the bakery... a tropical storm in Florida, and Nicky Diamond.

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It's time for the Masters and a bit unlike any other. Plus: Mike is prediabetic... a fake EDM DJ story, and Thanksgiving plans.

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Mike gets the runaround from his doctor and races across town. Plus: your letters... the COVID vaccine, and the TTT Challenge strikes again.

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America has chosen its next president and we give our take. Plus: Carla gets an early Christmas present, and we remember the great Alex Trebek.

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Today, we're talking to Lincoln Project cofounder, Reed Galen, about the 2020 election results. Plus: a great TMOS Talking Head, and Robb's Nostalgia Corner.

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America holds its breath while the counting continues. Plus: prayer time... Carla isn't paying enough attention to Mike, and Nicky Diamond!

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Election Day is over and nobody's happy! Plus: the plywood shortage, Mike gambles his election emotions away, and Robb talks about Zestar & Sweetango.

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It's our big Election Day special. Join us for predictions, counts, maps, and more!

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Mike is getting nervous about Election Day. Plus: Robb's weather station, and Halloween activities.

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