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Bernie stops by! Plus... holiday depression, pity parties, a pirate cruise, napping, rubes... and a magical balloon animal.

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Today's Best Of TMOS has everything from haircuts to spooky tours. We hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day and appreciating the sacrifices that made this all possible.

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Holiday weight rage! Plus, kids in studio! Mike's bike! Holiday plans! RoFo Vs. Mac! BTW, hello DelMarVa! Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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We love our engineers! Plus: Mike's computer, beach weather, song analysis, your letters... and Oscar's new home.

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We enjoy (most of) your calls on "Wide Open Wednesday"! Plus, Game Of Thrones... FoFo's face... Carla's idea... and the definition of "COTW".

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It's a Netherlands Tuesday with Lev and Mirjam! Plus, "Big Breakfast" BS, Mike makes a hip announcement and Bernie stops by. International fun!

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A major announcement! Plus, electrical light, sickness, swimming pools... and two great intern "tailes".

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Today we talk to "Angelo of Annandale"... plus... Mike raves out, RoFo reveals a lot and Robb & Cary analysis.

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Your letters! Plus, Mike's sickness, heat & rain, Mr. Billy Bush, and extermination fun!

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Rob & Joe join us in studio... and we get a murder confession (a la serial) on Wide Open Wednesday. Plus... the business of comedy, "The Witch", We're all rubes... and relationship updates.

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Homeowner Oscar has some issues with his fiance... plus tired Oscar is tired! Also, Larry King, new faces and armpits.

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A special Interview with Marc Fisher from The Washington Post discussing accusations that Donald Trump pretended to be his publicist during a 1991 interview.

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Today... we speak to Marc Fisher from the Washington Post about Donald Trump allegedly pretending to be his spokesman during a past interview. Plus... a new intern, a new food debacle at Oscar's mom's house and where is RoFo?

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Mike takes a trip to the drug store... Trump gets caught with his pants down... high school hyjinks... and drinking.

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Your letters! Plus... Ovie goes home... no A/C... Carla stops by... Cakes speaks... and Mac Vs. Matt.

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Your calls! Plus, our Ozzy Osbourne expert... Caps love... Prince and pills... television... and the sawbones.

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Mike is red hot! Plus, we revisit the Maze... program directors... doctors... Robb vs. the crazy lady... The Wiz and a call from Trump.

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A lovely intern surprise! Plus, Robb's bad mind... Oscar the eyewitness... Mike the shopper... and a Santana home update.

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The Metro is in crisis! Plus... be afraid! Hydration! Strahan! Oscarazzi! Have a great weekend.

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Your letters! Plus... the pain of DC travel... holiday fun... Oscar in a costume... and the tale of the shelf.

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Today... "Ted Cruz" stops by... Plus, your live phone calls, rejection, a tale of a boat and the legend of BA.

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Frankie hates his soundcheck! Plus... Oscar and his "roommate" (his mom)... Shannon and the washing machine... and deafness.

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Tired Mike vs. RLS, whiskey choices, team building, elitist dinners, and Maddy's last day.

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