The Mike O'Meara Show
Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

Today we remember G Gordon Liddy. Plus: Robb in the city... Julia has a weird idea, and Mike's pants made him sick.

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Oscar is the big birthday boy! Plus: a cake mistake... congrats to the boat floaters, and Robb asks Oscar for advice.

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Everyone's getting vaccinated! Plus: exclusive DC parties... Mike watches a family movie, and the COVID doctors speak out.

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We're joined this week by another great TMOS Talking Head! Plus: Mike has a new toy... a car quiz, and Jack Vale.

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We speak with the captain of the Ever Given. Plus: a vaccine update... Operation Varsity Blues, and the importance of college.

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Today's show starts with sleep apnea and ends with doughnuts. Plus: the DC Cherry Blossoms... Omaze, and danger.

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We discuss the shooting in Boulder. Plus: your letters... texting response times, and live show Oscar.

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Mike visits his sister in Key West! Plus: a March Madness update... life at WVU, and Oscar has an interesting encounter in DC

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Today we're joined by vaccine angel Linda Hirw. Plus: tips for getting a vaccine appointment... shoe talk, and Jennifer stops by!

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Today, Robb remembers his uncle Bruce. Plus: Battlefield 1... Irish stereotypes, and is Mike a bad father?

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Today we have Saint Patrick himself on the show! Plus: Pony's March Madness bracket, and Mike's vaccine prep.

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Mike finally updates his driver's license. Plus: Mike at the DMV... random punchings, and dent repair.

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Little Michael stops by to drive big Michael insane. Plus: getting vaccinated in Florida... getting vaccinated in Virginia, and a depressing movie.

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Mike tries to get his COVID vaccine. Plus: our TMOS Talking Head of the week... a look back at our early COVID shows, and Oscar's Take.

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Mike's dentist says something that pisses him off. Plus: Oscar is breaking up with Wanda Farmer, and cats.

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Dude is back on the show! Plus: voicework... a very happy unicorn, and the Biden dogs.

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The big trip is approaching! Plus: the COVID vaccine... Coming 2 America, and tapas.

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The results of the big TMOS announcer poll are in! Plus: Robb is the big birthday boy... a noise complaint, and the royals.

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Mike makes a huge booking mistake. Plus: Salt Lake City... Oscar's Take, and our TMOS Talking Head of the week.

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Mike is planning out his big trip. Plus: a surprise Mac attack... Oscar opens his Allspark, and a hotel rip off.

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Oscar comes bearing gifts! Plus: Robb's flat tire... a new impression from little Michael, and a TMOS announcer poll update.

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What's with the new Jeopardy host? Plus: a TMOS announcer shakeup... Oscar takes his parents for their vaccines and your letters!

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Oscar's mom is getting the vaccine! Plus: the Golden Globes... Mike's ice cream cheat, and Dr. Seuss.

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