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Halloween fun with your letters! Plus, an insider look at NOLA... and the widow & the pool boy.

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Today... an apology. Plus: NOLA excitement, binge drinking, a pumpkin mystery... and the man in the yellow hat.

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A spirited Friday free for all! Mike yells at Robb, Robb yells at Diego, Oscar yells at Mike... etc. Plus, a Halloween non-party, angst... and Oscar's take.

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A Zoolander face off... Plus: anxiety, fantasy, Nicky Diamond, hatred... and parking lot love.

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Today, your calls (weddings & wedgies)! Plus: Santas, Trunk or Treat, T-shirts... and GHWB!

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Who is Deep Throat? Plus... the mailbag, Mike is using the show as therapy, Curb analysis, and Robb's hasty exit.

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Today, Van Jones from CNN! Also, we are slaves to Apple, radio silence, T-ball, football... and New Orleans.

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Friday fun with Nicky D! Plus, T-ball,live drafts, sacred ground, box stores, and TV.

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We begin with a lovely gift! Dominique Foxworth stops by... amazing sleuthing... Mike's gripes... a fridge update and the Super Antenna.

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Wide Open Wednesday today featuring Darrin McGavin, The Natural and Arch. Plus... Mike needs fiber and a hockey meltdown.

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It's mailbag Tuesday! Plus... little Michael is a gun nut... big Michael is a social nut and

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Football fun! Plus... a studio tour, crematory legacy jewelry and childish curse words.

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It's the battle of Doughnut Vs. Muffin! Plus... a magnificent turkey buffet... four year olds are lunatics and the Weinstein culture.

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RoFo's candy van! Teak furniture! Nicky Diamond! Mac in his natural habitat! And Mike's iPatch.

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It's Wide Open Wednesday and we're taking your very best calls! Plus... sports dancing... Oscar already forgot his wedding ring and Carla thinks Mike is negative. WHAT?

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Today, we debut a few new voices. Plus, we pay tribute... a new movie... poor sick Harvey... and the mailbag.

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Today... we hear a magnificent recap of Oscar's wedding! Plus, a Facebook boycott controversy... pants trouble... missing pins... and anxiety. Don't miss it!

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Oscar needs wedding music and we're here to help! Plus... the fourth fish... Robb's death belches and a special wedding edition of Oscar's Take... Oscar's Take!

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Today... we have memories of a great broadcast team... Plus: drunk Joe, shoeless children, Nicky D, and killer socks.

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Wide Open Wednesday! We cure your sinuses! W look at the Oscar wedding from both sides, and letters.

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Todd Moore makes a souper appearance. Plus... social media, Tom Petty, chicken feet... and Sausage Fingers.

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Today... a bit of venting. Plus... church speaking... voice texts... Dabney... & Monty.

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