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On the first truly R-rated episode of the show, Tony and Gary welcome Angela Stribling, the gorgeous host of WHUR-FM's "Pillow Talk with Angela", so she can answer their questions....and YOURS (!)....about love, sex, and relationships!  Needless to say, it gets heated AND hysterical--especially when the attention turns to Rob Ford and his questions!  Also:  the healing power of show tunes!

("Pillow Talk with Angela" can be heard Fridays at midnight on Washington D.C.'s 96.3 WHUR-FM, and Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at midnight (that's EARLY Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) on Sirius/XM Channel 141, "HUR Voices".)

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Sister O'Meara! Plus... Todd Moore in studio, hip news, Bob Redford, hardware rage and Sex Box!

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Sisters & binkies! Plus, inappropriate Mike, Madonna's fall and snowy, snowy snow.

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Your letters! Plus, a ToMo update, fancy new Power Rangers, dirty Scooby and Florida tension.

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Mr. O'Reilly on the defensive! Plus... Rob Ford is tres datable, prescription problems and the tantrums begin.

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A production number! Plus, our Oscar recap... mr. mom... dog analysis... and "the weekend executive"!

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Please don't misread that title.  Rob Ford's Washington Post "Date Lab" date was NOT with CNN's Bill Weir!  However, this episode features BOTH!  First:  Rob fills us in on his big "Date Lab" night out with the lovely "Megan".  Then, Gary and Tony talk to their friend, journalist Bill Weir, about his new CNN series "The Wonder List".  Also, Tony tries to stump Gary with a game of Movie Trivia, AND Tony announces his decision about his cell phone situation.  Stop the presses!

(WATCH Rob and Megan talk about their date at  READ about the date in the Feb. 22, 2015 edition of "The Washington Post Magazine")

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Your letters! Plus; sweat... heartless Oscar... foreign Facetime and a call to sickie boy.

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Today: Picking on poor sick Robb. Plus: Carla, the Facebook ambassador, racist doughnuts, the joy of ratings and vitamin B12!


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Weather fun! Sean Dunne! Plus, fish... fast food... and

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Mondee! Oscar hits the auction, Robb sees "50 Shades", Mike has rope and we discuss lazy holidays.

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Maybe it's because it's Valentine's Day, but Tony and Gary wind up--quite unexpectedly--talking about their relationship and some of the ups and downs they've been through together.  It's rather revealing!  Also: the trouble with today's law students; the secret history of Lysol; Tony's TUBE-tacular television; and Gary has an Uncomfortable Moment with.....a Star's Dog!

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Friday is DJ Doughnut Guy! Plus; Mike gets hip... SNL greatness... 50 shades of fun... and Oscarazzi!

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Oscar's health! Plus... Ben and Santa, glitchcraft, Alton, food and poor, poor Robert. 

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Mickey & Robert in studio! Plus, your letters, network biz, Brian Williams, Jon Stewart... and the very attractive Mac.

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Cathy is on to discuss snow business! Plus, Nude Dude, a shoe-prise, swimming and another Florida 911 call.

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Pizza news! Plus, Grammy recap... Florida man... and socialism at dinner.

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Rob Ford updates Gary and Tony on his Washington Post "Date Lab" experience; Tony takes his Mom to the doctor, with interesting results; Gary gives Tony a gift that presents him with quite a dilemma; Gary attempts to help Tony with his "issues" by calling a psychiatrist (!!!); and music from Meghan Trainor and....Bing Crosby???

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Spectacle! Plus, Mike V. social media... priorities... late night edge... and Oscarazzi!

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Who would we do? Plus... hair talk, Oscar at school, tiredness... and bossiness.

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The mailbag! Plus, Mac analysis, Cary & Julia, the dogs return and real TV.

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The problem is the P.A! Plus, our Jimmy's recap... the skinny suit... and a boy and his mother.

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On today's Best Of TMOS: Oscar's crazy ex, churchy Mike, animal tales and Florida Frankie. Que bueno!

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