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Your letters! Plus... the sounds of Oscar, heat thunder at the movies, trolls... and Mike makes a discovery.

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It's a Wide Open Wednesday and we take your calls! Plus... Dude Walker on Shark Week... the Game Of Thrones season finally... magic breasts... a florida magician and a wonderful harmonica trick.

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New glasses! plus, broken door knobs, drum assembly and dogsitting have us all on edge... a phonecall promise and Julia at work.

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Jay Leno stops by to tell us he's OK... plus, Tony Robbins... Fletch... Mr. Weiner... Oscar's personality... and Robb tried to kill Mike.

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The British are leaving! Plus... an intern update... a walker for Mike... college life and a booze review!

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A thank you and your letters! Plus... fan club friction... Mike at the movies... gift fun... hip class... and a visit with Matthew McConaughey.

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Is there a birthday conspiracy? Plus... your calls, swimming on the subway, and big tooth!

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Mike Loves Facebook Live! Plus... a phone call? A dental rant! Julia's learners... and Oscar's papa.

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Oscar likes to chastise... and show dynamics. An intern analyzes us... powerwashing... and the best sports analysis EVER!

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Friday fun with a filthy mic! Plus... Oscar eats, clickbait, TV recommendations... and Oscarazzi.

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Mike sees something... and says something! Plus... your letters, Oscar at school... swimming infants... and the world is still round.

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Your calls! Plus... Mike goes live, our average listener, Mike gets advice and we all get new names.

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Today, we pull back the curtain and talk about the inner government. Plus... Robb and KD... Oscar's bad day... hateful barbers... and peculiar itching.

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We send out a positive thought... and then? The funny. Mike (the control freak) gets a massive surprise... termites... money pit... reclaimed wood... and the syringes.

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Meet the Thor Laundry System! Plus... a thank you, slippers, "Mike In The Morning"... and all about hair.

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Your letters! Plus... the anxious side of Mike, the dark side of Robb, the cat side of Oscar... wildlife... and news you won't believe.

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Your calls on Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... a little tropical depression, 21st birthday protocols... and the psychosis of us.

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The Name Game returns! Plus... oscar is hot and busy, Mike battles the elements, pamphlets, and 1945.

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A HUGE announcement! Plus... we remember "The Greatest", we celebrate the aged Mike, Oscar needs A/C... and Cary is the whitest gal in town.

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Behind the curtain! Plus... Leon Russel, Mike hospital memories, mr. mermelstein and a bold, potable experiment.

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Mike is a weird sports fan! Plus, your letters... Chuckie the Rat... nits... and Oscar's food.

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Oscar is sleepy... Mike is bionic... and Robb is fishing! Plus: Game of Thrones Dothraki speak, gorilla talk and the piano bar.

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