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Hooray for the Hollywood reporter! Plus, good news, spring breaking, "helpful" neighbors... and forgetful Mike forgets

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Today, we are joined by Dude Walker to discuss his new project, Plus: tech updates, spying, a medical emergency and our Academy Award analysis.

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Today, we debut a new segment... Plus: intern spotlight, Paul Harvey, hot flicks, baseball stars... and Mike is the handyman.

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Domonique Foxworth in studio! Plus... should Oscar reproduce? Your letters! Moview clichés... the emotions of sports... and penis sightings.

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Today we meet Benadryl Mike... binge eating... field trip oscar... lovely artwork... and a meal ticket.

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Mike and his senior moments! Plus... daughter time, travel time, auction time. Fun time!

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It's President's Day and we've got a great Best Of in store for you! There's a big breakfast, a beef buffet and and Adrian who likes to dabble in clay.

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Ice cream for breakfast! We do the Ben & Jerry's thing... plus: Mike is wifeless, pantsless, and curious about Mac. Also, the best parody record ever.

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Deejay fun! Plus... your letters, Ashley & Maddie, Oscar's dad, a Mac update... and killer squirrels!

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Your calls on Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... a little Hook, a little salad, some potty training talk... and the final words on the Grammys.

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Mike is controversial! Plus... the giant collapsible Earth saw... Adrian talks eggs, and amazing movie review... and our B+B policy.

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Our Grammy analysis... plus... Mike pulls a Robb (W.T)... a child skates... and the show gets an "A".

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A new game for Pony... plus: Adrian's driving history, Mac the Millennial and Mike's big battery screw up.

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A brand new bumper sticker! Plus... your letters, lots of Charlie Warren, a dog miscue... and Robb's OCD.

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A haunting Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... Mac trouble, chair trouble, snot crying, talking armrests... and a new dialect!

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Today... the biscuit parade! Plus... Pony's personal famine... Robb on FaceBook... a new contest... and being purposefully difficult.

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Our Super Bowl analysis... wagering, Chinese websites, half time, spoilers, Gaga and Overwatch.

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We address a controversy! Plus... show upgrades, zoo and circus... hating maine... ice cream... and mr. Nicky Diamond talks the Big Game.

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Your letters! Plus... Carly the gamer... a mystery baby... and Shannon gets a pep talk.

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The biggest "Wide Open Wednesday" ever! Plus... Dan's head... bad candy... and V.D discussion. Oh boy!

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