The Mike O'Meara Show (general)
Mike, Robb, Oscar and the crew talk about whatever is on their minds and offer three unique perspectives that you won't hear anywhere else. It's real, it's compelling and it's addictive... but mostly, it's funny. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and guys busting each others' balls.

A "blizzard" brings out nocturnal Oscar... plus: poop bags, pep talks, and a bad phone call... and sugar.

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The problems with springing ahead. Plus... we help our mothers, we plan for snow, international travel, murder... and TV picks.

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Finally, the birthday is over. Plus... the return of the joke! Oscar's Take! Mike's girls on baseball Tinder! The phone! And busy Oscar.

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A bit of Shannon... plus a great Mailbag! Mike is "Airport Man"... Chinese food... and a surprise phone call.

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The best Wide Open Wednesday ever! Plus, a forgotten day... chilling wine... another joke... Oscar mixes it up... and a poop update.

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A new addition to the parking deck! Plus... Spring Break... a new hip date... a new joke... and Julia's future.

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Keeping it fresh for St. Pat's Day! Plus, some in-studio guests, a medical emergency, movie theatre etiquette, spring training... and Robb buys a car.

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Hot Metro news! Plus, flying, thumbs, vomit, lobsters, non-show fans, cake excitement... and Oscar's take (Oscar's take).

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Mike's new earworm! Plus, your letters... Oscar's  climate control... Tony Perkins phones in... and Norm McDonald(?).

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Today, we snap the underwear! We analyze Mac... we dissect wipes... Mike's family... Pony's bubbles... and the most expensive free tickets ever.

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Hooray for the Hollywood reporter! Plus, good news, spring breaking, "helpful" neighbors... and forgetful Mike forgets

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Today, we are joined by Dude Walker to discuss his new project, Plus: tech updates, spying, a medical emergency and our Academy Award analysis.

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Today, we debut a new segment... Plus: intern spotlight, Paul Harvey, hot flicks, baseball stars... and Mike is the handyman.

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Domonique Foxworth in studio! Plus... should Oscar reproduce? Your letters! Moview clichés... the emotions of sports... and penis sightings.

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Today we meet Benadryl Mike... binge eating... field trip oscar... lovely artwork... and a meal ticket.

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Mike and his senior moments! Plus... daughter time, travel time, auction time. Fun time!

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It's President's Day and we've got a great Best Of in store for you! There's a big breakfast, a beef buffet and and Adrian who likes to dabble in clay.

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Ice cream for breakfast! We do the Ben & Jerry's thing... plus: Mike is wifeless, pantsless, and curious about Mac. Also, the best parody record ever.

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Deejay fun! Plus... your letters, Ashley & Maddie, Oscar's dad, a Mac update... and killer squirrels!

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Your calls on Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... a little Hook, a little salad, some potty training talk... and the final words on the Grammys.

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Mike is controversial! Plus... the giant collapsible Earth saw... Adrian talks eggs, and amazing movie review... and our B+B policy.

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Our Grammy analysis... plus... Mike pulls a Robb (W.T)... a child skates... and the show gets an "A".

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A new game for Pony... plus: Adrian's driving history, Mac the Millennial and Mike's big battery screw up.

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A brand new bumper sticker! Plus... your letters, lots of Charlie Warren, a dog miscue... and Robb's OCD.

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A haunting Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... Mac trouble, chair trouble, snot crying, talking armrests... and a new dialect!

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Today... the biscuit parade! Plus... Pony's personal famine... Robb on FaceBook... a new contest... and being purposefully difficult.

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Our Super Bowl analysis... wagering, Chinese websites, half time, spoilers, Gaga and Overwatch.

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We address a controversy! Plus... show upgrades, zoo and circus... hating maine... ice cream... and mr. Nicky Diamond talks the Big Game.

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Your letters! Plus... Carly the gamer... a mystery baby... and Shannon gets a pep talk.

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The biggest "Wide Open Wednesday" ever! Plus... Dan's head... bad candy... and V.D discussion. Oh boy!

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Mike and his magic hat! Plus, magazine talk, cold temps, the greatest parking story ever... and a trip to the mall.

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Monday show... Monday songs! The story of Larry... Rickles and Regis... killer shrimp... and Super Bowl malaise.

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Hooray for genetics! A nod to Ricky Skaggs... foreign foods... Oscarazzi and a call to Mama Santana. Have a great weekend!

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Your letters! Plus... we remember MTM, Mike's treadmill, Mac  is late... and we meet the TMOS 3000.

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Wide Open Wednesday! Plus... Oscar's home surgery... baby Michael saves the day... gaming developments... and a dietary cheat for the ages.

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Our Oscar Picks! Some words on our dear friend Gavin... VR gaming... health issues... and Julia marches on Washington.

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Kangaroo court is in session! Plus, a weird energy... R.I.P.T.G... Mike faces the terrible threes... and Oscar hits Beantown.

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Oscar and Robb make their big gym plans! Plus, Nicky Diamond checks in... Momma Santana checks in... airplane annoyances and of course, E News!

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Your letters! Plus: texting etiquette, inauguration plans, Mike the traveler... and curious odor.

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Robb works on his posture... Mike works on his tech skills... a new "song"... and the "accent of the day".

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Exclusive circus interview! Plus... Mike on an elephant, country deejays... chefs... eggs... and Aaron Rodgers.

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Sick Oscar! Hip Mike! A sex dream... a man crush... and mac is the nadfly.

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Injection day update... Mike is extra hip! Mac is The Gamer, Mr Diamond, "The Wall"... and Oscarazzi.

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Where in the world is Diego's wallet? Plus... it's injection day, your letters , a trip to the cinema and Mac is... "The Gamer".

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Where in the world is Diego's wallet? Plus... it's injection day, your letters , a trip to the cinema and Mac is... "The Gamer". 

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Rob & Joe in studio! We talk about a scary comedy story... Mike vs. the pain doctor... snobbery... and a fight to the death.

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Today... we are joined in studio by a pilot! Plus, car fun... TV fun... football fun... and the Santa Joke.

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Mike flies home... Robb (and his soft hands) has a fun weekend... dazzling fun... and stripper Jeeps.

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Nicky Diamond lights it up! Plus... a budget for Momma Santana... what Robb's car means in Canada... largo hermano and the most awkward New Year's toast in history.

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It's Mike on the move... plus, your letters... chainsaws... a nutty seminar... CPAP fun... and Robb's deadly house.

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A new TV show premieres on our show! Plus... your calls... Robb learns a lesson... Wicked Tuna... and Mike makes a friend.

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Tuesday fun with Robb the hero... bionic Mike... Pony's new service... and Mike Maine weather disappointment.

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Back for 2017! Big fun with Katie Couric, Maine, a question of ethics, doppel gates... and the Santana incident.

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Every now and then we like to give you a special sample of our premium show, The Mike O'Meara Bonus Show. It's the best way for you to get an idea of what the Bonus Show is all about. Like what you hear? Then click the Bonus Show banner on to get started.

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Who run Bible Town? Mastor Pastor runs Bible Town. Plus... loveless Oscar and Billy in Rio.

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On today's Best Of TMOS... Mike gets new glasses, someone dabbles in clay and Mike goes to Stein Mart!

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What's up with Robb and interns? Plus, the Netherlands, vitamins and Mike falls for click bait.

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The guys may be on vacation but there's still plenty of TMOS to enjoy... the very best in fact! We will be back in studio next Monday but in the meantime, it's the Best Of The Mike O'Meara Show.

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Christmas is here at last and Robb has prepared his traditional Robb Radio Christmas Spectacular! So while you're opening your presents, why not spread some cheer with some Holiday classics? Have a Merry Christmas folks!

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The second half of our Christmas party was a little different than the first. Some of us remember it fondly and some of us don't remember it at all! Either way, you get you enjoy it now.

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You heard all about our crazy Christmas party but you haven't heard the party yet! Lucky for you, we recorded not one but two shows for you to enjoy. It's the first half of the TMOS Christmas party!

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Merry Christmas folks! Your calls.. your letters... and big winners! Plus... Julia's birthday, magical gifts... and holiday excitement.

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A new intern adventure! A Mike O'Meara adventure! A Jerry Lewis adventure! And eefing!

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Mike in Maine! Robb is patient one... plus... a vertical world... snoverwhelmed... and Kraft Baby Marshmallows.

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Oscar Vs. Adrian... it gets real. Merry Christmas! Kicky's Christmas, nutty pranks... and a fruitcake miracle.

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Your letters! Presents for Mike! Miracle medicine! Travel plans! Black walnuts! It's pure Holiday fun.

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Why did Robb do that? Plus... tree fun... Mike's cough... our Christmas traditions... and an album update.

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Our Skype fun! Plus fantasy football, a touching moment, bad Santa... and happy Carla-Days!

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Fun at our TMOS Christmas party! Plus... car jingles, moose lodges, classic civility... and a delicious recipe. Yum!

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It's Mike and the adventure of the big TV! Plus... a fruitcake call, a doctor visit... and Oscar's World.

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Today, a lesson in clock management: your letters, Mr. Diamond, medicine for mike and Pony... and holiday tempers are running a bit high.

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Your fantastic calls! Plus, sweet soul music,... Mike the shopper... HBS calls in... and Mac the singer.

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Why are the poor so clumsy? Plus... duck economics, potty fun, new speakers = nostalgia... and Rudolf analyzed.

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Monday, funday! Plus... Mike's beard... a potty victory... sickness a record player... and fruitcake fun.

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Friday fruitcake fun! Plus... cats and dogs, security trouble... the worst show on TV... and Tom Hank's butt.

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Friday fruitcake fun! Plus... cats and dogs, security trouble... the worst show on TV... and Tom Hank's butt.

Direct download: TMOS20161202.mp3
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Your letters! Nickey Diamond returns... an insurance win... a prize winner... and is it a scam?

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Category:general -- posted at: 11:34am EST

Your calls! Robb Vs. his P.O.S. Mobile... the Red Tide... sexy turtles... and Mike's new sweater.

Direct download: TMOS20161130.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:32am EST

Adrian's intervention! Plus, Mike is half-hip, Face Book messages, news readers on news sets, extra glaze... and a new toy.

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Back with our holiday recaps... with hip pain, strong beer, and shrimp. Plus... clickbait, coconut crabs, and a Jibril is even stronger stronger.

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On this Black Friday Best Of, hear all about Robb's new car while you're out getting a few deals of your own. Stay safe out there and please, no fist fighting with fellow shoppers.

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The holiday season is upon us at last. So whether you're having roast turkey, fried turkey, tofurky or even jive turkey, make sure you have yours with a side of TMOS. Happy Thanksgiving!

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It's trolling time! Plus... your calls, the Mailbag, holiday fun and Mike's doctor adventure. Happy thanksgiving!

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A worthless confection? Plus... crazy idiots, fun with family, Maine weather, and a man called Roscoe.

Direct download: TMOS20161122.mp3
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Insurance trouble! Plus... family for the holidays, a bad place arguement... and Mike joins the vinyl frontier.

Direct download: TMOS20161121.mp3
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A call to the turkey hotline... Plus: scary wildlife,  home made hot sauce and Oscarazzi.

Direct download: TMOS20161118.mp3
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Oscar is fun Oscar at a drunken hockey game! Plus: Nicky Diamond... hip fun... Thanksgiving fun... and goat.

Direct download: TMOS20161117.mp3
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This Wednesday is Wide Open... we take your calls! Plus: Mike addresses the snark... TV talk... and Germans!

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Today... the intern take to the street! Plus... a new URL? A Christmas album update... Mike hits the bad place... and vacation vs. being fired.

Direct download: TMOS20161115.mp3
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Oscar wants to be a "have"! A church incident... the statue looks like someone we know... and Nameberry.

Direct download: TMOS20161114.mp3
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Friday fun! A new DJ comes by... TV viewing... intern jingles... Oscar the lifeguard and the crazy lady.

Direct download: TMOS20161111.mp3
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Mike is chafing! Plus... new eyebrows, your letters, Mr. Diamond, craving escape... and a winning TV formula.

Direct download: TMOS20161110.mp3
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Today we reflect. We take some great calls, Carla gives a pep talk... and Mike goes Facebook Live.

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Back, live, in-studio... after our live show. We recap our weekends, Pony & Glenda, a brunch... and Mike on the phone.

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It's our November 5th live show at The Washington DC Improv! Hear us take questions from the audience, meet Nicky Diamond in the flesh and so much more! Thank you to everyone that came out and don't miss us at the House Of Blues in New Orleans in 2017!

Direct download: TMOS2016117.mp3
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Good guy Adam Ferrara joins us in studio! Plus... prepping for tomorrow's show, Robb vs. Raccoons... and Mr. Diamond.

Direct download: TMOS2016114.mp3
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An epic World Series! But, Joe Buck sucks... your letters... a Halloween bombshell... the smell of death... and perhaps an outfit?

Direct download: TMOS2016113.mp3
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It's Top Gun Wednesday! We're joined by Oscar's cohort Thomas Booth... an F-18 pilot. We discuss the fascinating world of flight school... plus your calls... an epic ball game... and a tale of a glass eye.

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Today, we are joined by Rob Maher in studio! Plus, a new intern... sickness... Halloween fun... and a Mac update.

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Happy Halloween! Plus... we have guests... the problem with Mike... a visit to the costume store... and Mike is nervous.

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